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In a military part under Peter the contract employee from Komi

In the Izhemsky military registration and enlistment office a name of the young man on hearing was hung up - the modest guy after army remained to minister under the contract in a native part in settlement Kamenka of Leningrad region, and suddenly the such! At first home the message like a bolt from the blue comes that him accuse of attempt of rape of the local pensioner, and after short time - that the soldier was hung up...

Fellows villager in perplexity, here knew Dmitry Filippova only from a positive side. It was allocated with nothing, with girls especially did not communicate. Right after in army 20 - the summer guy has soberly judged services that there is no sense to remain in a native solitude where works for it will be a little. It is necessary to make the way in the big world.

  -   it seemed To me, after army something has occurred to it, - has shared with Dmitry Irina Anufriev`s former class teacher. - was earlier   affable   the fellow, and     has come   any closed, rigid,   to greet even has ceased .

And last year after pobyvki has left back, to continue service the gunner, but already under the contract. Houses remained mother and the father, two elder sisters have married for a long time.

Something serious has occurred in Dmitry`s life, time of the young officer was detained by police officers near to a military part, neither it is a lot of nor a little at attempt of rape 64 - the summer pensioner. The woman was also is beaten. The contract employee have brought to a military part and have left there under a subscription about nevyezde for that time while there is a consequence.

And in the morning on September, 2nd colleagues have found Dmitry the adhered belt from trousers to a radiator in a household room. As tried to pump out it - it was not possible to rescue. Were late absolutely hardly - hardly. The version arose by itself - the guy zaela conscience.

-                 In any artillery division there are psychologists who observe of an emotional status of military men, - Denis Vilisov speaks temporarily fulfilling duties of the military commissioner of Izhemsky area. - conversations spend time two in a month, test them necessarily, after all there is an access to the weapon. And here have seen, probably...

Bury the son parents can only next week, cargo 200 will arrive in Izhmu this Sunday: a lot of time has occupied carrying out of unbounded medical examinations.