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Discos, a fairyland and treasured chance!


« As Luntik searched spring »


Parents of children from 2 till 6 years know: Luntik - the best friend malyshni. The children hard drinking look animated cartoons and force mums - fathers to buy everything that is connected with this hero.

clear business, performance in such situation is difficult for passing. Representation unpretentious: on a scene appear rostovye the dolls working under a soundtrack. However simplicity does not frighten off kids.

in this performance of Luntik goes to search for spring. He knows nothing about it, fondly considering that the spring is a bee, which breathes on snowdrifts to kindle snow. Children learn how to be guided in wood, how to use a compass. As it is possible to take pleasure in work and as it is pleasant to help another.

BKZ « Space » the m. item « VDNH » pr - t the World, 150.

9 - on April, 10th. The beginning in 11. 00, 13. 30, 16. 00, 18. 30.

the Price of tickets: from 400 rbl.


we Play complimentary tickets on performance « As Luntik searched spring ».

to become their owner, answer a question: « With what cub of the diving inhabitant have first confused Luntika inhabitants of a pond? »

answers we wait to the address: oksana on Thursday, on March, 31st.

do not forget to specify the phone number and a name!

tickets are given by the organizer.


« the ledentsovyj period » with « Eralashem »


Fun will begin in foyer. Competitions, jokes, games - all waits for those who will come in advance. And still there and then it is possible to be registered in actor`s base « Jumble » and to register in drama school theatre - « Jumble ».

Well and then in a hall children and their parents there will be all those who works over « Eralashem ». It will be an unusual creative meeting. To admirers of magazine will tell about amusing cases from practice, will more close acquaint with actors and directors and, certainly, will please with children`s songs. Participants of transfer and variety collectives will sing! Conducts evening the permanent head « Jumble » Boris Grachevsky!

« the Crocus of City the Hall » the m. item « Mjakinino » 65 - 66 - j MKAD km.

on April, 2nd and 3, the beginning in 12. 30 and 16. 30.

the Price of tickets: from 600 rbl.

In « the Curved seashore » wait for the wizard


In « the Curved seashore » wait for the wizard


If to mix Russian folklore and Pushkin`s fairy tales, the curious musical will turn out.

time in one thousand years in a fantastic kingdom blossoms an oak. It is a signal to all its inhabitants: the wizard who should struggle with harm was born! Both kindly, and angrily here are presented in assortment - Koshchej Immortal, Zmej Gorynych, the Sorcerer, Leshy, the Mermaid, Vasilisa... Fight for a fantastic kingdom is necessary serious.

in performance it is a lot of special effects which force to believe that « the Curved seashore » is a present magic fairy tale!

KKZ « Pushkin » the m. item « Pushkin » Pushkin square, 2.

on April, 16th, the beginning in 14. 00 and 18. 00.

the Price of tickets: from 350 rbl.


we Play tickets for a musical

to become their owner, answer our question: « When has passed the prime minister of this musical? »

answers we wait to the address: oksana on Thursday, on March, 31st.

do not forget to specify the phone number and a name!

tickets are given by the organizer.

Become a star with «/>
Become a star with «/>

In Moscow musical statement « very soon will begin; music Sounds ». « and company Stage Entertainment search for executors of leading roles.

« music sounds » is a legendary Broadway musical. Speech in it goes about one Austrian family. Business occurs during war, and they are urged to leave the native land and to go to America.

the musical with success went on a scene, and then it picturized. And the film has turned out is not worse at all, and many compositions from a musical became world hits!

for this musical also are required active, talented, able perfectly to sing and dance children. Age - from 7 till 14 years.

to take part in a casting, it is necessary to fill the questionnaire. to Find it it is possible on a site: www. dmtya. ru

As it is accepted to speak in such cases, do not miss the chance!

Mail for any questions: ruman988(commercial at)