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It is time to dive sprouts

At each culture the features

Occurrence of amicable shoots is an occasion to start very important procedure, sword-play (to change of plants on a new residence). Initially to place « kernels » on certain distance from each other happens difficultly and not always all of them ascend. Therefore, that sejantsy did not eat round each other, did not shade and did not turn to thin threads, they need to be replaced to (dive). And to do it it is necessary operatively, differently roots will intertwine, and plants become fragile. It is known that the the plant is more senior, the it transfers changes is worse. Only here it is necessary to consider that each culture has features some sword-play on a broader scale is counter-indicative, and others need to be replaced some times.

For this purpose peat glasses or plastic pots with which we fill with soil in advance will approach, it is better for some days that it has a little settled. For days the ground is spilt, that all clod of the earth has become impregnated, and surpluses of water have flowed out through drainage apertures.

Flowers do not suffer a constancy

the Majority melkosemjannyh decorative cultures it is possible to grow up only through sprouts which also it is necessary to dive, and some times.

For example, begonias, lobelii, it is necessary for a petunia 2 - 3 sword-plays. The first procedure it is spent at the moment of occurrence of two present leaflets, the second when plants will start to adjoin leaflets. Thus we prishchipyvaem the bottom part of a root, and rostochek again place in the earth and we water. This reception ministers a new push to development. Do not dive sprouts of these colours at once in high capacities, the risk zakislenija soils differently increases. So, we gradually replace plants in more comfortable conditions.

Tomatoes we transplant with the first leaflets

Sprouts of tomatoes that it became tall, too it is necessary to dive. And to do it it is necessary at occurrence of the first present sheet. That that we see at the beginning are cotyledons. As soon as have noticed a carved leaflet that prepare for sword-play. It is very useful procedure as thus the root system branches and becomes stronger. Specially to break tips of backs it is not necessary, their part and so prishchipyvaetsja. For each plant we prepare a separate pot or a glass. So they will develop is better and if them to leave in a sowing box the sprouts most likely will turn out weak.

Cucumbers still those mollycoddles

In April it is time to start landings of cucumbers for an open ground and hothouses. Everyone « a sunflower seed » It is better to grow up in separate torfoperegnojnyh, plastic or paper pots. Ogurtstsy not so love, when them koroni disturb. If to make it in the conditions of apartment it is impossible also plants it is necessary to place in “ obshchezhitiii ” (rassadnom a box) sword-play needs to be spent duly for this culture.
it is started this procedure on 5 - 7 - j day from occurrence of shoots For reception 30 - day sprouts we choose containers 0,7 - 0,8 litres. Before disembarkation the root system of plants should braid an earth clod well. If you plan to land sprouts through 15 - 20 days there is enough capacity in volume 0,5 - 0,6 litres.

Sejantsy is very accurately taken from a sowing box with an earth clod (trying not to hurt roots) a small rake or wide tweezers. Then a plant it is placed in lunku not zaglubljaja and condense around a ground to provide full contact of roots to soil. Strongly it is not necessary to press, you can hurt roots. All backs should be in the earth, but too zaglubljat the plant is not necessary. It leads often to damage of plants root gniljami. On end of sword-play sprouts once again water from above a little. Watering needs to be carried out only warm water of room temperature! On 1 - 2 days for the best rooting it is necessary to provide sejantsam the raised humidity of air and comfortable temperature 18 - 20 ° With. In case of an overheat rooting of plants can be complicated. The sprouts need to be preserved and against draughts. To create optimum conditions young plants it is possible to cover white ukryvnym with a material.



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