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On Paschal festival to Ufa there will arrive Valery Gergiev

the Name of the art director of one of the most well-known theatres of the world it is well known to judges perfect where they lived. Quantities of prestigious awards which has received the maestro, with interest would suffice on the whole orchestra.

And last year, under the magazine version « Time » Valery Gergiev was included into the list of hundred most influential people of a planet. A leah it is necessary to say what to catch Gergiev the best orchestras of the world dream. Its tour schedule is painted for years forward.

Maestro Gergiev will arrive to Ufa for the first time

Ufimtsam until recently, unfortunately, did not carry: the orchestra under control of the maestro in Ufa never was.

« Paschal festival » in which frameworks the symphonic orchestra of the Maryinsky Theater will act in Ufa, is very popular in Russia. Festival concerts passed in the next regions time and again. And ufimtsam to listen to good music, it was necessary to go to Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg or Kazan.

By the way, at the Maryinsky Theater our fellow countryman Ildar Abdrazakov who this year has received the most prestigious in the world the musical award « sings also; the Grammy ». As has told Ildar, Gergiev wanted to arrive for a long time already to Ufa, and Abdrazakov mediated time and again, but at the last minute always something broke.

Except music, the well-known conductor has one more passion - football which with it divide our well-known fellow countryman Ildar Abdrazakov (extreme at the left) and a star of a world opera scene of Plasido Domingo (the second on the right)

Only when his brother Askar Abdrazakov became the minister of culture of republic, the question has moved at once off dead centre. Now the Ufa music fans can already get tickets. By the way, they are on sale in city cash desks on is unprecedented to the low price – from 600 roubles, and the most expensive stand 2 300 roubles.

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the National actor of Russia Valery Gergiev became the winner of the State award of Russia twice. Except the Maryinsky Theater, it co-operates with the largest opera scenes of the world, among which Underground - an opera, Royal opera theatre Kovent - Garden, theatre of a La Scala and others.

At the Maryinsky Theater Gergiev has grown up a galaxy of singers of world level. Under its initiative the Academy of young singers has been created. Among the brightest events – returning to the Petersburg scene of operas of Riharda Wagner – the trilogy « the Ring of Nibelungs » staged Mariinsky theatres, it is named by the European mass-media historical event. Among Gergiev`s admirers presidents, royal persons. For example, in the Netherlands it has been awarded ranks of the knight. But most of all the maestro is proud of the State award « For the outstanding contribution to development of culture and Republic North Ossetia art - Alanija » for a concert in Tshinvale destroyed by war.