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In chemist`s booths of the underground sold the spoilt tablets?

the capital Office of Public Prosecutor together with Rospotrebnadzorom has arranged check of chemist`s booths that pritulilis in the Moscow underground. Results have shaken.

- In many booths insanitary conditions reigned, and medicines were stored with obvious infringements, - have told « in capital Office of Public Prosecutor.

So, in chemist`s points at metro stations Prague and Beljaevo it was simply dirty. And preparations were stored with infringement of a temperature and light mode.

In chemist`s pavilion at station Kahovsky at the pharmacist - the adviser was expired by physical examination term. The same infringements are revealed in several drugstores at metro stations Dmitry Donsky`s Parkway and Street of academician Jangelja .

- concerning heads of firms who posess booths, it is raised ten administrative affairs under article 6. 3 KoAP of the Russian Federation - infringement of the legislation in the field of maintenance sanitary - epidemiological well-being of the population, - have told « in Office of Public Prosecutor. - guilty the penalty to thousand roubles threatens.


Olga Yezhov, the doctor - the immunologist:   do not buy a medicine anywhere!

If preparations are stored with infringements - well, for example, not in the refrigerator, moreover by the light of - that they, at the best, will not work. Simply operating substance inaktiviruetsja. The person will pay money and will not receive effect. And the doctor will puzzle - why the medicine has not helped? At worst, in a preparation from - for wrong storages there will be an unnecessary reaction and it becomes toxic. Have accepted - and have poisoned. So to buy preparations it is better in the stationary checked up drugstores, instead of anywhere.