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Eldar Ryazanov: Two days ago Ljusja has told to me that anew learns to go

on March, 30th in Moscow from heart attack the national actress of the USSR Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko has died.

the Master of Russian cinema Eldar Ryazanov always took a special place in Lyudmila Gurchenko`s life - giving thanks to him « Carnival night » the young debutant became an all-Union star. Subsequently Ryazanov has removed the favourite actress in several films.

- My God, really it is truth? - Not at once has believed to us Eldar Aleksandrovich. - After all several weeks ago in a press already informed that Ljusja has died... Forgive, it is very difficult to me to realise the fact of its leaving. After all we communicated with it last time only two days ago.

I have called it, it was at home. « very well at me, do not worry! I anew learn to go! ». Thus the voice was very vigorous. It on a broader scale was the big optimist. Here and the sick foot it was going to cure by the summer. Excuse, I cannot speak any more,   for me death of Gurchenko - a huge grief...

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