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With false inquiries in high school will not accept

the Power promise to put things in order. But how? Tatyana Barhatova has helped to understand the head of department of supervision and control over educational institutions and scientific organisations Rosobrnadzora.


by the Legislation of the Russian Federation it is provided that at receipt children - orphans and children without parental support, children - invalids, invalids I have privileges and II groups to which training in high school is not counter-indicative, young men are elderly till 20 years, having only one parent - the invalid of I group and if the average income of a family below living wage size. And also the citizens who are passing and passing within not less than three years military service under the contract in Armed forces of the Russian Federation.

it is a little exempts - where - that of 2 percent from all reception. That is about 20 thousand persons. But if these children were distributed on all high schools of the country... And many try to make the way exclusively in the best educational institutions in Moscow and Peter.

that to the exempt to be enlisted, it is enough to pass the Unified State Examination, necessary for receipt on the chosen speciality, hardly above a threshold declared by a selection committee, and to give necessary inquiries.

- exempts enlist hors concours, - has explained Barhatova. - Thus submit documents exempts can in all five high schools that will even more confuse both selection committees, and simple graduates. Unfortunately, the amendment about that preferential categories of citizens had the right to arrive hors concours only in one high school, has not passed - positions about their privileges are registered in different laws of different departments, and something to change extremely difficult.

- this year it has been decided to toughen check of given documents. Selection committees of high schools should check inquiries of exempts, - the expert speaks.

For acknowledgement of reliability of documents the selection committee has the right to be converted into corresponding state (municipal) bodies and the organisations. And for check of data on participation in Unified State Examination and its results the inquiry goes to Federal base of certificates not later than 10 days after receipt of documents of the entrant. If the arriving gives the data which are not representing the facts, the selection committee returns documents.

medical inquiries are checked by inquiry in that establishment which gave out this inquiry.

- in the near future it is supposed to make changes to the legislation, allowing to deduct from high schools of the students who have presented non-credible data, from any course. We will tell, it was possible to it to slip in arrival time, and that the inquiry was counterfeit, it was found out a year or two from now. Everything, deduction without any arguments! - marks Barhatova.

By the way, the privileges connected with out-of-competition transfer in high schools, in the new law « About education » which is now discussed, can be liquidated. It is offered to enter preparatory branch, where exempts will be trained free of charge then successfully to enter high school.


As before, winners and prize-winners of the final stage of the All-Russia Olympic Games of schoolboys, members of national teams of the Russian Federation participating in the international Olympic Games in general educational subjects, are accepted in high schools without introductory tests in directions of preparation (specialities) corresponding to a profile of their Olympic Games. Their privilege termless.

and here on winners and prize-winners of the Olympic Games of schoolboys restrictions operate. The high school defines privilege level. Or olimpiadnika enlist without introductory tests, or victory in the Olympic Games is equated to 100 points of Unified State Examination in Olympic Games subject, or consider as additional test at reception in high school. Besides, the high school has the right not to give at all a privilege to winners of the Olympic Games of schoolboys.

if earlier the privilege of the winner or the prize-winner of the Olympic Games of schoolboys could be applied some time in 2011 they have the right to use it only in one high school on one direction of preparation. Olimpiadnik should present at once to this high school the original of the document on education.

- Olimpiadniki should bring originals of documents in the chosen high school till July, 29th, and placing on an official site of educational institution and the information stand of a selection committee of the order on their transfer on July, 30th is provided, - has concluded Barhatova.


- As well as last year WILL respond, tselevikov can be no more than 20 percent from quantity of budgetary places. But the norm providing placing on an official site of educational institution of orders on transfer of persons, arriving on target reception with the information on public authorities or the local governments which have directed arriving for participation in target competition is added, - has explained Barhatova.

If the high school has doubts in knowledge tselevikov, they can be converted in Rosobr - supervision. Experts of service will arrange check of that organisation which has sent in high school of the weak entrant. In case of revealing of infringements the student will be deducted.

Sergey Viktorovich Malinin.


Tselevikov, not coping with study, we deduct

Sergey Viktorovich MALININ, the head of department « the Selection committee » the Russian economic university of G.V.Plehanova:

- the Increase in quantity of the places allocated for target reception, leads to reduction of budgetary places for the entrants participating in the general competition. Reception procedure tselevikov is fulfilled for a long time. High schools are in advance obliged to declare quantity of target places on preparation directions on which competitive selection is led. Entrants see in advance, what real competition on this or that educational program.

Minobrnauki considered a question on reduction of the maximum share of target places to 15 percent. But while the decision is not accepted, and this year will make on - former 20 percent.

last year at our university the decision to increase target reception was accepted. If earlier we allocated 2 - 3 percent last year the quantity tselevikov has made 8 percent from reception total. On some our directions as much as possible admissible figures of reception of target entrants have been established. Such step has been caused by a considerable quantity of the references which have arrived from various regions.

thus tseleviki are enlisted, also passing competitive selection. But competition is spent not the general, but only on the places allocated for target reception. That is such entrants compete for places with which the high school allocates for this or that region. Besides, the target set does not mean a guarantee of that the enlisted student anyway will end high school. It has the same rights and duties, as well as any other student, and is obliged to carry out the curriculum. Deduction otherwise follows. Results of reception of last year have shown, what not all enlisted tseleviki on level of the preparation corresponded to our requirements. I believe, this year we will head for reduction of target places. In this connection for the entrants participating in the general competition, the situation in certain degree will be more favorable.