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Business and a little personal

We and so annually we fill reports for Rosstata: in what branch we work, a leah is manufacture, how much the employees, what age - we give all specification on business. The reporting very bulky. Signing a pack of papers, each time was surprised: on which it is necessary? All the same position of small and average business does not change...

in the beginning of 2011 census of small and average business has taken place. The authorities try to estimate a business status more competently to stimulate development of small and average business. In a new questionnaire the structure of expenses is in more details painted: salaries, premise rent, expendable materials, taxes and others.
business tries not to say lies to official bodies. It is fraught with various checks. The one who is primary for this purpose « says lies; it is ground »: everyones « linings » and firms - a something ephemeral.

Till 2011 all business which works counting on prospect, on reputation was completely rehabilitated. But in 2011 return process has begun. Business   it is again urged to pass on « grey » schemes of payment of the salary. The new taxes appointed the state have grown too sharply. And additional profit of the enterprise have not earned. And matter is not in crisis. Small and average business degrades in itself together with obsolescence of all promyshennosti and infrastructures. Since 2011 social deductions for business have grown with 14 to 34 %. Bureaucratic pressure increases. The profit falls. Expenses grow: energy carriers and rent rise in price. And we cannot adequately lift the price, because in the market there is a competition. Otherwise the goods will not buy. Therefore it is frequent businessmen or try to survive, including at the expense of tax dodges, or are closed - such examples itself I know much.

the census Result for certain will be unfavourable. In our country of 90 % of taxes arrives from the large enterprises and 10 % from small and average. Large business at us – not so it is a lot of. Therefore works with it of only 10 % of tax specialists, and the others of 90 % - work with small and average business. It turns out that the huge officialdom works on gathering approximately 10 % from all taxes. I am assured that as a result of census in figures it becomes clear that the maintenance of tax specialists for work with small-scale business manages to the state much more expensively, than gathers taxes.

Alexander ZJUZJAEV

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