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Catherine II against Nonny of the First

a second year fierce struggle for an honourable title is conducted by two charming actresses - Nonna Grishaeva and Ekaterina Gusev. But if last year to define the winner in this duel and it was not possible (girls have shared the first place), now in poll which is spent traditionally by authoritative sociological company TNS Russia by request of a weekly journal « 7 Days » Grishaeva could escape forward. Gusev remained behind the back of a star « Daddy`s daughters » and « Day of radio » and Ekaterina Klimov became the third unexpectedly enough. In a last year`s rating the role throughout a film hit « was not Klimovoj even in first fifty, but; We from the future » and in a serial « Runaway » have allowed it to locate in a three of leaders.

impressing leap was made also by Maria Kozhevnikova. Spectators have not disregarded that Allochka from sitkoma « University » Has risen on the fads and has not bad acted in show « Ice and plamen ». And not with somebody, and with Alexey Jagudinym! Result - 9 - e a rating place.

there was no without an award one more participant of ice show of the First channel, Elizabeth Arzamasova. Galina Sergeevna from « Daddy`s daughters » it is recognised « Opening of year ».


1. Nonna Grishaeva
2. Ekaterina Gusev
3. Ekaterina Klimov
4. Elizabeth Seigniorial
5. Anna Kovalchuk
6. Alisa Friendlich
7. Olga Budina
8. Svetlana Hodchenkova
9. Maria Kozhevnikova
10 - 11. Irina Alfyorov
10 - 11. Maria Poroshina