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In the Omsk region mother This history has given to drink the two-month babe spirit

has shaken inhabitants of Isilkulja. In December of last year the woman has given birth to the girl. Already then physicians have found at   the baby the whole bouquet of illnesses: and   a hepatitis, and   a syphilis. About one month the lying-in woman has lain with   the child in   to hospital. And   in the first put after an extract, having thrown the babe of the house, has left in   a hellbender.

there was nobody to Stop mummy. Its roommate too had no objection to drink. But despite   it, nevertheless found a job to provide a family. As and   it has accepted the child as native though doubted, what exactly it the father.
Having returned once in the evening with   extra work, Oleg has seen the wife sleeping on   a sofa. Nearby, the person in   a pillow, the daughter lay. The babe did not breathe any more.

- Wake up! Our daughter has died! Rise!   - Oleg shouted, trying to wake the wife.
the Man has rushed behind the help to   mothers, which vein on   to the neighbourhood. Mother of the babe has in this time collected the things, documents and   has run away. Oleg has called in   militia: the woman have found in   the same evening at   girlfriends.

- At first at   us was the assumption that mother has pressed down the child the body in the sleep,   - has told the inspector - criminalist MSO SOU SK of Russia on   the Omsk region Zynaida Ioshchenko.   - But after the spent examinations in   blood of the girl on - went 0,28 promille alcohol and   have established a cause of death   - a poisoning with ethanol. Alcohol in   the organism of the child has got not with   milk of mother. The woman or added alcohol in   dairy mixes, or podpaivala the child pure spirit. Check still proceeds - and   in some days the question about   will be solved; criminal case excitation. If to the woman will bring accusation, to it will threaten to   Two years of imprisonment.

Most of all in   this history surprises that in   an unsuccessful family with   to newborns never send with   check guardianship bodies, the divisional. It is possible to refer now, of course, on   that time has a little passed, and   in hospital mother with   the child have lain long, and   to them simply had not time to pay attention. And   after all already then it was necessary to sound the alarm.

As left, what the destiny of the babe stirred only its grandmother? Some days before   tragedies the woman has written the application with   the request to give it the grand daughter. But while solved a question, there was a tragedy. Irresponsibility and   indifference of adults have at once crossed out only the begun children`s life …

the Name of the man is changed.