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The bachelor? The master? The expert?

Nelli Mihajlovna ROZINA, the pro-rector of Financial university:

- Now in statements entrants will write about receipt not on a speciality, and on a preparation direction to a bachelor degree or a magistracy. In a century of innovative development it is impossible in advance for five years the nobility where you will work also what functions to carry out. To plan preparation of experts and their educational trajectory uneasy. Therefore we after the whole world pass to preparation on two levels. At first the young man chooses the program of the bachelor. It four-year, but professionally directed. 50 percent of the program can allocate high school for cooking under concrete employers (we name it a preparation profile).

the Bachelor, having received the diploma, can work on a preparation profile. But if will understand that was mistaken, will enter a magistracy. There it or will deepen the professional knowledge, or will receive other speciality.

our university has passed on urovnevuju preparation already three years ago. We do not accept only in a bachelor degree and in a magistracy. And competition at us on - former high. But it is necessary to understand that for bachelors in the law it is written: « qualification » in brackets « degree ». The bachelor the same expert, as well as the expert who studied five years. At it other type the program. It is ready to professional work not to a lesser degree, than earlier the expert.

and that employers did not have superfluous questions, it decided to save in a bachelor degree profiles. It, we will speak, it is similar to concept were « specialities ». That words to which personnel officers have got used, were if not in the diploma, in the application to the diploma. At the bachelor in the diploma it will be written that it has finished a direction « economy » A profile - « accounting ».

Amet Aleksandrovich VOLODARSKY, the co-chairman of the commission of Scientific council of the Russian Academy of Sciences by training, the head of the examination Center of the Cambridge university in the Russian Federation:

- the Country works for a long time on two-level system. Many directions were successfully entered in the two-level standard. Many, but not all! For example, linguistic, legal specialities difficult pass on bolonskie rails, I do not speak about technical specialities. Therefore in these directions I advise to go to that high school which has saved a five-year education, that is spetsialitet. It means that stands and school of thought are strong. They instead of tormenting work on szhimaniju the five years` plan in four years were engaged in development and upgrade of existing specialisations within the limits of preparation of experts!

There are high schools which by preparation of curricula of bachelors have simply cleaned that in spetsialitete seemed to them unnecessary. Important disciplines much, in my opinion, as a result have left. If the entrant has chosen that high school which has not saved preparation of experts, I advise to submit documents on that direction on which at institute preparation of experts was conducted, is a guarantee of that within four years the program will change to a lesser degree, than in new directions.

the future in our country behind several types of higher educational institutions. High schools which work on the basis of two-level system, high schools with own standards and high schools with the mixed standards. When they will start to compete among themselves, and at the entrant the choice will extend. Quality of programs will be a point of honour and business of survival rate of any high school, despite the fact that, private it or state.

Michael Andreevich of Moustaches
the Photo: Sergey SHAKHIDJANYAN

Michael Andreevich of MOUSTACHES, the pro-rector Moscow financially - legal university (MFJUA):

- At us in high schools should be both bachelors, and masters. And at the same time, proceeding from geographical and territorial features of Russia, in the country should be and the high schools realising classical spetsialitet. We support versatility and mnogotipnost educational institutions, of course, taking into account all new changes.

the question of employment of graduates MFJUA is in the attention centre. The university has concluded 236 contracts on free training with big banks and the enterprises of an oil and gas complex. According to these contracts the university carries out budgetary enrolment of students, and the enterprises guarantee practice, training and is high - paid work.

more than 80 % of graduates found a job through own personnel agency of university - MFJUA (Pioneer Recruitment Services). An average salary of graduates of university - MFJUA - over 2 thousand dollars.

Elena Vladimirovna Tchernyshov
the Photo: Sergey SHAKHIDJANYAN

Elena Vladimirovna TCHERNYSHOV, the director of Linguistic school at the Moscow institute of foreign languages:

- the Bachelor - the graduate of pedagogical high school in educational sphere is not claimed. It is yet ready to qualitative pedagogical activity. The quantity of hours on preparation of the bachelor is less, than the expert. At the expense of what? At the expense of reduction of hours of student teaching. And what such the teacher without practice?

directors of schools with a reluctance take for work of bachelors - all of them equally it is necessary douchivat. At young teachers - bachelors are not present sufficient experience with children, he cannot be entrusted a class management, at them methodical operating time are insignificant few and etc. They recognise insufficiency of the education got in a bachelor degree and continue to study in a magistracy.

after a magistracy the teaching right in high school is got. For a part of graduates of a magistracy it is temptation - they try to leave school and to test in high school. Certainly, work in it is more prestigious. But for school which has enclosed many forces in preparation of the teacher, its leaving - loss.

Stanislav Leonidovich Savin
the Photo: Sergey SHAKHIDJANYAN

Stanislav Leonidovich SAVIN, the rector of the Moscow international higher school of business « MIRBIS » (Institute):

- Our bachelors are claimed by employers. Quality of education MIRBIS is confirmed by authoritative international accreditations, and the competence and skills, including confident foreign language skills,   together with the euroapplication to the Russian state diploma do our graduate of the international bachelor degree   the demanded and mobile expert in the global environment. All it, and also a wide choice of the international formats of training - « two diplomas » « 2 training » (in foreign high school - the partner for choice),   « 1 semestre on an exchange »     « 1 semestre + practice abroad » possibilities « the Intrainstitute credit » - allows us to find « the » the entrant at a stage dovuzovskoj preparations.

as to a magistracy. Today on a labour market the employees use the greatest demand, capable is independent or in the command to solve difficult analytical problems, able to plan the activity, to make decisions, and also   to generalise and hand over another the information necessary for acceptance of administrative decisions. We prepare such competent professionals - masters of economy and management   (since 1995) In three directions: the master - an analyst, the master - an expert and the master - the teacher business - disciplines.

Amet Aleksandrovich Volodarsky


Boys begin to call up for military service, without having allowed to study up

- Complexity of this adoptive campaign is that the Minister of Defence and military registration and enlistment offices do not want to reckon with the Federal law 260 2009   Year in which it is registered that at transition to preparation directions under the new list it is not necessary to change the licence and it is not necessary to change the certificate on accreditation, - the pro-rector of Financial university Nelli Rozina speaks. Is creates the bases for hassle at boys - students at receipt on preparation directions.

I will give an example: at us, for example, a speciality the jurisprudence is accredited, and the direction of preparation of jurisprudence on an adapter and under the law too is accredited. But it is not entered in the application to the state accreditation. It calls weight of questions military registration and enlistment offices. And it is enough such problems at many high schools.

we very much wait from the Ministry of Education and Science of the prompt check in in Ministry of Justice of a so-called adapter which correlates the new list of directions of preparation with earlier operating that more competently and kvalifitsirovanno to protest actions of military registration and enlistment offices. If such document at last enters validity, occasions to trouble at children it will be essential less.