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In Novosibirsk will update trams and heads of the municipal passenger enterprises will transfigure metromost

past Wednesday have reported about done for three months of this year to work to the assistant to the mayor - the chief of department of transport and dorozhno - blagoustroitelnogo a complex of the mayoralty Nikolay Didenko.

- Since January, 1st, 2011 novosibirtsy began to go in public transport under new tariffs. After three months has come to bring time quarter results of work of public transport, - with such words there has begun meeting Nikolay Vasilevich. - special attention I ask to give economic making your work.

Tram ways and cars repair

waits Speaking about results of work, director MKP « Gorelektrotransport » Alexander Shtumpf first of all has noted growth of incomes of transportations by trolley buses and trams.

- Thanks to change of tariffs our profit for a quarter has increased on the average by 20 percent in comparison with the same period of 2010, - Alexander Aleksandrovich has told. - the Increase in incomes has allowed us to continue major repairs of ways and a rolling stock. So, this year we plan to modernise 6 trams and to repair 5,2 kilometres of ways. At present have already passed the auctions on delivery of materials, and in April the contractor of works will be defined.

last year such work was not conducted. Now, taking into account new tariffs, electrotransport had means for major repairs and upgrade.

the Underground becomes more protected

Even more ambitious problems face the underground, they were sounded by Vladimir Koshkin, the chief of Novosibirsk underground.

- Simultaneously with increase of tariffs in the underground the volume of passenger traffic has increased, - Vladimir Mihajlovich has noted. - To improve quality of service of passengers, in 2011 we will buy two new structures, we will repair inputs on « Zaeltsovsky » and « Student`s » we will establish new automatic machines on sale of counters. A key question is security, and shortly at three stations there will be frameworks - metalloobnaruzhiteli. Similar devices are established at airport Tolmachevo, and now our employees who will be engaged in examination there are trained.

All it became in many respects possible thanks to change of tariffs - for three months additional incomes of underground have made about 45 million roubles. Painting metromosta (it will manage to underground in 10 - 12 million roubles) becomes other scale work for an underground. According to norms to do it it is necessary each 10 years, and term now has just approached. Metal corrosion otherwise will begin. Also in 2011 building of a platform for major repairs of cars of the underground will begin. The majority of them are let out in 1985 - 1990 and will soon develop the resource so the base is simply necessary for their repair. It is supposed that it will be completely ready in 2013.

- Positive changes and growth of incomes, certainly, please, - the assistant to the mayor - the chief of department of transport and dorozhno - blagoustroitelnogo a complex of the mayoralty Nikolay Didenko summarised. - Now it is necessary to solve further problems facing us on acquisition and rolling stock repair, carrying out of actions for security on objects of transport, to improvement of culture of service of passengers and increase in a salary for employees of transport branch.

Pay attention!

« the Siberian hospitality » will reach Moscow!

From April, 19 till April, 21st in Novosibirsk will pass festival of culinary art. Winners will go to show skill on the ending which will pass in capital.

Within the limits of festival the championship on cookery and service - command and individual competitions among cooks, confectioners, masters of service (only 17 nominations) is organised. The championship is vested by the status of selection competitions of the International Kremlin culinary cup which will pass in Moscow 27 - on September, 30th. It means that winners will award with the certificate on participation in the International Kremlin culinary cup without selection tour and payment of a registration payment for one chosen class.

To participation workers of the organisations of public catering, shops on manufacture flour and confectionery, the pupils of the profile educational institutions who have reached of 18 years are invited. For this purpose it is necessary to make an application till April, 5th in written form in regional department of the consumer market and protection of the rights of consumers in the organisation location.

the festival Program provides also carrying out of tastings, seminars, trainings, the master - classes of leading representatives of the industry of a food and a round table concerning placing of summer cafes in territory of Novosibirsk in 2011.