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The run away prisoner hid at friends in Kishinev

already wrote that two prisoners have arranged impudent runaway directly in the face of inhabitants of Kishinev. They have used that avtozak which transported them, has got to a stopper. 38 - summer Oleg Jurko, the native of village Kaprijana of Strashensky area, and 31 - summer Sergey Sokolenko, the inhabitant of village Moskovej of Kagulsky area, have run away, but on Thursday it was possible to catch one of them - Sergey Sokolenko. It was going to disappear in Dnestr region, but has not reached there and has been detained directly on the bank of Dnestr, in Kriuljansky area. More in detail about it read HERE.

On Saturday, approximately at 2 o`clock in the afternoon, the second prisoner - Oleg Jurku has been detained also.

- He was detained in Kishinev, in an apartment house court yard along the street by Alba - Julia on Bojukanah, - has told The head of the Center of public relations of the General commissariat of police of Kishinev Adrian Zhovmir.

Law enforcement officers managed to leave on Oleg Jurko`s trace. It, apparently, disappeared at friends.

- Fortunately, both   the fugitive already are in custody, - continues Adrian Zhovmir. - For runaway they will be punished: to that term which they should stay, one more term - till six years of imprisonment will be added on.

How much it is concrete - will solve court.

we Will remind that concerning the police officers escorting prisoners, there is begun office investigation. To the policemen who have admitted a negligence, disciplinary sanctions - will be applied up to dismissal from bodies.