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17 - summer ufimets has dumped 22 kgs for half a year

From the earliest childhood ufimets Artem Kalenikov was full, such butuz with pink cheeks. As a rule, to the senior classes at many similar completeness leaves - « izrastaetsja ». But, unfortunately, Artem has appeared not from among such lucky beggars. To the senior classes its weight has passed for 96 kgs. And it at growth 177 see And after all around so much glossy magazines with pictures of harmonous handsome men with « cubes » on a press! To little girls only such also submit. But instead of a press the guy had the impressive sizes a stomach. Even the boxing did not help, in which Artem was engaged from 12 years. And by 15 years it had already superheavy weight category - over 91 kgs.

  - At school me often teased « thick » - our hero sighs.

Even the native father said that so to look simple « indecently ».

- For the first time I am serious for - was thought of superfluous kgs when was on rest with the grandfather. He has told that it is a shame to it to look at me, especially on a beach, - tells Artem. - besides at this particular time I on - to the present have fallen in love. My darling was thin and very beautiful.

And Artem has made the firm man`s decision: it is time to grow thin!

the Photo: The personal archive

First of all it has registered in fitness - the centre and was converted to the trainer who has developed for it the individual program of employment - basically it there were power trainings: a press lying with weight 40 kg, knee-bends with 40 - the kilogramme weighting compounds, all these exercises of Artem did in three approaches on ten times.

- Now I visit trainings three times a week. And those days when they are not present, necessarily I run and I swing a press independently, and, certainly, about boxing I try not to forget, - the young man tells. The fellow swings a press with a pancake 15 kg in three approaches on 15 times daily is powerful and runs on four kilometres.

the Result – a minus of 22 kgs for seven months. Such result of Artem has achieved not only thanks to sports, but also a diet. It has reversed a diet: Has forgotten about so favourite before fried pelmeni with mayonnaise and vesper attacks on the refrigerator.

- the Most important thing not to eat too much for the night, and to attempt I very much I love. My mum fine prepares, I and itself not bad am able to do it, went to cookery school earlier, - Artem smiles. – now at me a special mode: I practically eat everything, but only during certain time and gradually – five six times a day.

the Young man feels very confidently, complexes were gone, in boxing from a superheavy category it has passed in average. Acquaintances have ceased to banter at it and are interested how to achieve such results. And from little girls now the release is not present!


It is good that Artem has decided to undertake itself, - speaks « » dietician Igor Vasilev . - But he has lost these kgs too quickly, subjecting an organism to the big stress. In an ideal it should dump 22 kgs not for half a year, and for a year