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Yesterday in a supermarket wanted to buy a small box griljazhnyh sweets. On the nearby price list 59 roubles are specified. Took sweets, has gone on cash desk, and there it was found out that the box costs on hundred roubles more expensively. I have refused to overpay. Have called the manager. It was found out that on a counter near to my box the price list from other sweets hung, and the price list from mine have attached already on other to shelf edge. The similar situation was and in veteran shop on Bauman, only there price lists on tea have been mixed. Really dealers count, what people it is a shift will not notice?


Club of consumers

Hello. I want to offer a city administration and area idea. It is necessary to organise constantly operating fair in Murmansk. Type Makarevsky in Nizhni Novgorod. That to us there came visitors with the goods from all Russia and neighbouring countries. At fair usually both the assortment is more, and the prices more low. Exhibitions - sales in Ice, alas, fairs to name difficult, scope not that! And to name it it is possible Nikolaev, in honour of Nikolay Chudotvortsa - the promoter morehodov and travelling.

Gennady Pjatlin.

Has bought recently yoghurt in shop on the prospectus of Kirov. At first me has confused that packing hardly blown up. But has decided that it from - for useful bifidobaktery. I open At home, and there a swill instead of yoghurt and ice pieces. Obviously matter is not in bacteria, and in a wrong storage mode. So, expensive fellow countrymen, pay attention both to working life, and on quality of the goods.


Municipal problems

In Growth, around a cinema « the Aurora » (Nakhimov`s street, 21) technical management of Northern fleet, in/ ch 95404 is located. Workers of this management put the cars about a cinema, despite prohibiting sign presence. From - for it pass to a cinema appears blocked.

Victor Smirnov.

In the house on Kola, 107 approximately one year ago on ladder platforms have put the lamps reacting to movement. There was a person at a refuse chute, light has lighted up. There is nobody - dies away. The economy is available! Yes here the ill luck, after half a year a lamp has fused. Have replaced it at first with the usual. And now on a broader scale on our floor burns nothing … Probably, so will save it is more.

the Surprised tenant.

Growth. Along the street Nakhimov, from cafe « the Anchor » to shop « the East » (Lobov 29/ 13), on sidewalk it is impossible to go. Asphalt is broken and filled up by snow, in some places of a hole depth in half-metre.

Victor Georgievich.

the Spring has come

Yesterday a mountain ash under my window have chosen sviristeli and bullfinches. These bright birds were similar to the unusual fruits dismissed on a branch. It is pleasant that wood visitors do not forget us, townspeople. To me grandsons today will come, with them we will get on for birds a feeding trough.

Grandfather Mihajlo.

Has come across on the Internet a site of Murmansk photographer Dmitry Deshevyh. It works on island Kolguev in Barents sea. Also does amazing pictures of polar fauna. Fellow countrymen, be not too lazy, come into it ZHZH to the address: http:// dmitrynd. livejournal. com will not regret! There while it is not enough pictures, but they such beautiful!


the Letter in number

20 thousand - to a puppy under a tail!

In the world very few people can be believed: around a deceit, swindle, a cheating. Not most protected - old men and students - first of all become victims of swindle.

I have decided to give a gift to the wife Yana on birthday. Wanted to buy to it a puppy jorkshirskogo a terrier. Has found on a site of one of Murmansk film logic clubs phone Ljubovi Gennadevny, the factory owner of dogs of small breeds. I, the wife and my friend have gone to it to choose a puppy. We liked the tiny girl, klejmennaja. The love of Gennadevna has told that a puppy yet will not give till January, 20th as last inoculation is not made yet. But we have agreed to phone   20 - go to take away jorka just before birthday. The mistress has estimated a puppy in 45 thousand roubles and has demanded to leave a down payment at a rate of 20   000. For students, and both of us study, it is completely not small sum. But it was necessary to agree.

Ljubov Gennadevna has given me the contract where it is registered, what puppy we take, number of a brand and the sum. But to sign it did not become, has told that will put the autograph when a puppy we will take away.

Has come on January, 20th, we have called this woman. Also what you think? It was found out that it is in St.-Petersburg, and a puppy has refused to sell, as has found out that it the patient! The love of Gennadevna has told that will return to Murmansk in a week then we will talk.

it is natural, the gift on birthday should be postponed for a week. When we have met again with zavodchitsej, it   has suggested to take other puppy without a brand and inoculations. I have refused and have decided to look jorkshira in other place. The love of Gennadevna has very much become angry and has refused to return a down payment, as well as to sign the contract. Certainly,   Our error that we from it the receipt did not take.

it was repeatedly converted into militia, but to sense from them a little. We have now legal proceedings with this woman who so has cruelly deceived students. And, most likely, we not the first and not the last who was moved on it.

Alexander Sharyj, Murmansk.