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As murmanchane concern signs

on April, 1st in olden time in Russia celebrated day of awakening house, and on April, 3rd – a name-day of the water. Signs have been connected with these feasts many.

And what do you think of signs?

Victor OVDEJCHUK, the head coach of hockey club « Murman »:
- Probably, I will not surprise anybody, having told that many sportsmen believe in signs and observe certain sacramentals. There is it and at our command. Before each game, already before an exit in the field, all players and trainers sit down in a locker room. There comes original minute of silence. Further the head coach speaks: « Well, all good luck, have gone! ». And only after that the command goes in the field. A leah helps? So after all left this year in the higher league!

Elena SOLNTSEV, the bank employee, Murmansk:
- I Believe that money comes to the one who loves them. That to money to show, how you love them, time from a purse is necessary all of them to get, recalculate, put a piece of paper to a piece of paper, carefully and gently. While nobody sees, it is possible even to stroke.

Alexey MAKAROV, the assistant to the main director of Theatre of Northern fleet, Murmansk:
- If it concerns national signs (that in a calendar) for us, actors, they are not actual – in them I do not believe. There are signs professional, for example, to find the big nail on a scene is to a leading role. In them not that I believe, but I observe theatrical traditions. « happy » Tickets in transport come across often to me also I them I collect, but I do not eat - I distribute for collages to familiar artists.

Sergey PETROVICHEV, the law enforcement officer:
- On work there is no time to think of it, and in life, happens, there is something according to signs. The main thing - not to go in cycles in it. If you will try to explain the failures by signs anything in life you will not achieve.

Dmitry VASILEV, the assistant to the deputy, Monchegorsk:
- on April, 3rd – day water, tell? Well, judging by plentiful thawing of snow and pools in streets, water has really woken up. So the national calendar will - bondage should believe!

Elena SEMIN, the tailor, Murmansk:
- In our trade it is a lot of signs, but one of the most correct is that: has dropped on a floor scissors - you will necessarily unstitch the sewed product.

Irina DUBRAVINA, the yard keeper, Murmansk:
- There is such sea northern sign: « If the sun is red in the evening - to the seaman it nothing to be afraid; the sun is red in the morning - to the seaman not on an interior ». And it proves to be true: the dawn red - and weather will be in the morning nasty, windy, and even snow will put, to us, yard keepers, additional work.

Belief, the reader of a site, Murmansk:
- I Believe in the signs, and is better the intuition works.