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Why it is far not everywhere in Murmansk work new infomaty

Universal information and a computerisation - business simply remarkable. Has pressed the button - another - and has already registered, for example, to the doctor or in reception to the official. And in turn it is not necessary to pine. And, to use a miracle - units simply. However, it was not possible to polar pensioner Nina Mihajlovne, but not for the reason kompjuterofobii. Simply for a moment, when she wanted to use infomatom in a building of management of October district, that did not work. She has called in edition, and we have decided to check up, how affairs with new devices - well at least in buildings of district administrations and the most regional government are. The terminal « the State services » on Lenin, 75 has met us, joyfully winking at a window. And more one infomat, designed to support to small and average business, too. And here in districts all has appeared not so is sweet. In October district in a hall sadly « gljuchil » the device informing on support of small and average business. (In some days there have brought and « the State services » yes and have not connected). In Pervomaisk district in a hall « the device for businessmen » worked, and others infomaty pined behind a deaf door, at once and not to find: working - the Center of social support of the population and not connected « State services ». In Leninsk district, directly behind a counter with pies, have appeared why - that two working infomata the Center of social support of the population, one more operating « the businessman » and besides idle « the State services ».

the Project - pilot

We have tried to learn, than such non-uniform distribution infomatov and when will earn the idle is called? On the first question anybody could not answer. In a press - to service of administration of Murmansk us have sent in similar structure of the regional government, there have recommended to specify in districts, from districts have sent again in city a press - service... Concerning the second - have made inquiry in Open Society « Rostelecom » serving new terminals. As soon as we will receive the answer, we will necessarily return to this subject. And about advantage   infomatov to us the first deputy of the head of governmental body of Murmansk area Alexey Palamarchuk has told:

- Now   within the limits of the pilot project on information which the region government realises together with Open Society « Rostelecom » in Murmansk area it is put 70   terminals « the State services ». They will provide access of citizens to a regional portal of the state and municipal services. Infomaty are equipped by the display, the interactive keyboard, scanning, printing devices that allows not only to familiarise with features of rendering of services and their regulations, but also to fill, unpack necessary forms of statements. It is possible to send statements in authority, having preliminary registered through internal service of the device « the Private office ». Further it is planned to equip infomaty with payment terminals.

Have established where more necessary?

- Devices take place in municipalities of Murmansk area taking into account technical requirements to installation sites, and also their attendance: In branches of the multipurpose centres in Murmansk and Kohl, the mayoralties, the centres of public access on the basis of the state and municipal libraries, and also archives, in the centres of social support of the population, in the higher educational institutions, - Alexey Stepanovich has continued. - Within February - March 2011 experts of Open Society « Rostelecom » have made planned connection infomatov. To ask the questions connected with work of the terminal, including to inform on defects, it is possible for operator of Open Society directly on duty « Rostelecom » (for this purpose the car is equipped by a videocamera and voice communication means). In case of full nerabotosposobnosti on infomate contact phones for communication with experts of the given organisation will be placed.

Alas, with phone numbers on idle infomatah we have not noticed any announcements. It seems that introduction of the electronic government while at us revolves.

And At this time

Design can change taking into account wishes of northerners

Pensioner Boris Svitashev has noticed that on devices « the State services » the Russian flag is represented in the bottom of the device - close to a floor. According to the pensioner, it offends honour and worthiness of a symbol of the country. He worries that during rainy time the image will be zaljapano a dirt.

- Thanks for the essential remark, - Alexey Palamarchuk speaks. - In 2010 by request of the Ministry of Communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation the limited pilot lot of information terminals which is distributed between several subjects of the Russian Federation has been let out. After a while the government of Murmansk area plans to direct in Minkomsvjazi the Russian Federation the information on the revealed lacks of devices and the offer how to eliminate, including about change of design of terminals taking into account the remark of the Murmansk pensioner.


Russian trikolor, located on the automatic machine from below, it can easily be soiled.
a photo: Elena KOVALENKO