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CHeljabintsy with water counters get on swindlers

On my entrance the bright announcement flaunts. On the big colour sheet it is brightly written: « Installation of water counters. Check in! A guarantee! Qualitatively! ». In a mail box — its copy, only a format is less. And on an underside of municipal receipts similar reklamki. Have imposed from different directions. Well and as, after all till January, 1st, 2012 all of us under the law are obliged to establish in apartments these clever priborchiki. To disobedient citizens threaten with increase of tariffs in one and a half time. Therefore so firms on installation of hydrometers, and together with them and speculators have quickly bred.

In number from March, 25th we wrote about the mechanic, which « has heated up » cheljabintsev on checking of counters. Instead of, as it is necessary, to remove mechanisms and to carry them in « Uralvodopribor » it only stared at them, took for « work » 1200 roubles also left. But this history has at least come to the end safely — the deceiver have caught, and it has returned all money. And here to pensioner Robert Nazmutdinovu has not carried. He has decided to replace water counters. Has opened a free newspaper, and there offers — a heap! Someone undertakes to establish for 2600, others — for 2400 roubles. But there was Open Company firm « the Megacity » the requested 2200 roubles. Good economy.

— Knowingly say that the avaricious pays twice, — Robert Aleksandrovich sighs. — the guy Has welcomed, has concluded with me the contract, took money and has told to wait for the expert within 10 days. But anybody to me and has not come.

the Pensioner has rushed to call by three phones from the announcement, but nobody has responded. Then it has gone to the address specified in the contract. In office building of the company with the name « the Megacity » was not.

— Yes you any more for the first them here search, — the security guard has told.

Then Robert Aleksandrovich has understood that has started up in the apartment of swindlers. The signed contract did not become a transaction guarantee. Both firm requisites, and the press have appeared a fake.

From our edition the pensioner straight has gone to militia. Probably, swindlers are now represented to other Open Companies, have replaced phones and continue to make a fool of townspeople.

not to get on the same fishing tackle, pay money only upon service granting. Attentively read all points of the contract, the dirty trick can disappear anywhere. It is desirable to check up, a leah really firm is to the specified address. Consult to acquaintances who have already established hydrometers.

the Chelyabinsk pensioner Robert Nazmutdinov has got into networks of swindlers.
a photo: Valery ZVONAREV


is easier to buy the new device, than to hand over in in actual fact old

to Calibrate water counters it is necessary through 4 — 6 years after installation. If in time not to hand over them in actual fact or not to replace on new, to you will count a payment for water under the average tariff. In a city only one organisation « Uralvodopribor » (street Boundary 30, ph. 729 - 99 - 01) renders such service. Cost of checking of one hydrometer — 260 roubles. Like inexpensive. But why then the majority of my acquaintances assure, what it is easier to replace at once old with the new?

to give this thingummy in actual fact, it needs to be disconnected (and on this place to insert a pipe piece). Then to bring in « Uralvodopribor ». Checking lasts month. After you again call the expert for connection and oplombirovki the device. For that period while hydrometers will be on checking, it is necessary to pay for water under the average tariff. By the way, results of checking can be and at all unfavourable — a part of hydrometers declare faulty. Pressure differences in pipes and bad quality of water do the part.

By the way, in Miass the licensed organisation which could spend checking of devices of the account, no. Surrenders to us that such situation not only in one city of region. And to go sotnik kilometres to Chelyabinsk, moreover and two times — here obviously any economy neither on money, nor on time.


How much are services

Work the Price
Primary installation of two water counters on hot and cold water. 3000 - 3500 roubles (including cost of devices).
Replacement of two water counters. 2400 roubles.

P. S. If the kitchen and a bathroom are not nearby, and in the different ends of apartment it is necessary to put two complete sets of hydrometers so, the specified sums multiply by two.