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Minobrnauki closes musical and art schools?

Oleg Tabakov, Nikolay Petrov, Vladimir Spivakov, Dmitry Bert ­ man, Andrey Konchalovsky and other not less worthy people write: « Educational institutions of a creative orientation on the verge of destruction. The reason for that is scandalous incompetence of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation which undertakes everything that from the best in the world of creative education remains nothing ».

Fears for destiny of creative educational institutions have become aggravated, when there was a project of the new law « About education ». A problem, according to coryphaeuses, that children`s schools of arts have appeared are equal to mugs. And creative high schools are urged to accept students not on talent, and on Unified State Examination points.

- in the USSR art and medicine were as it should be, and now all collapses, - the art director of theatre « has told; Helicon - an opera » (But also the professor managing stand in the HOST) Dmitry Bert ­ man. - For the HOST new times were brought by two problems. The first - as well as everywhere, shortage of money, venerable directors teach for copecks. And the second - Unified State Examination.

the teachers sitting in selection committees, calculate, how much to whom to put for creative examination that the most talented and capable have arrived even with weak points in general educational subjects, explains Bertman.

- Misfortunes have come in the beginning 1990 - h, - the director of department of science and education of Ministry of culture Oleg Neretin tells. - Then children`s schools of arts (musical, art, choreographic) after which it was possible to go to school, and further - to arrive in high school or conservatory on the speciality connected with culture, have appeared are deprived any status. As a matter of fact, became mugs. There were no uniform standards of training, there were no general requirements to the graduates, each school gave out the own document on education.

now officials and deputies began to think out how to rescue all system of creative education. Three bills which the State Duma this spring promises to consider as a result were born. In - the first, for children`s schools isskustv have thought up the new status - establishments of additional prevocational training. These words will turn back a sure gain: will be more money both at establishments, and at teachers. It will be possible to buy tools, legally to receive money from the authorities of all levels. And the most important thing - anybody will not consider any more as their mugs.

in - the second, for creative postgraduate study will get into condition assistentury - training. It was in Soviet period, but in 1990 - h years has ceased to exist.

the Third bill concerns specialised schools for exceptional children where children simultaneously study in the school program and receive average vocational education. Under the former law vocational training could begin only after the ninth class. In the integrated educational institutions this interdiction is removed - to accept there (and by results of creative competition!) can though first-grader.

all three bills and the new law « About education » will start to operate after 2013.  

- in the law « About education » the whole chapter will be devoted creative education, - is proud Neretin informs.

in general, offered changes in laws are reasonable. But! (Again but!) Anybody from authors of laws has not worked them distinctly to explain to people of art. The history, as with standards of education for the senior school repeats. Documents write such language and so it is artful « discuss » that instead of understanding receive emotional repulse: « Again reforms? »

well, « once again comes to the rescue to officials and tries to explain distinctly that waits creative education.

AS there WILL be

a New system of creative education

Officials promise that very soon creative education in the country - from children`s schools of arts and to creative postgraduate study in high schools - will be built in a logic chain and will receive good financing.

for today only one problem lifted in the letter of coryphaeuses of theatre, cinema and music, has no decision - a draught deferment for students of creative high schools.

Establishment the Status the Essence of changes
Children`s school of arts Establishment of additional prevocational training Financing remains municipal, but the new status allows to allocate target means from regional budgets. Teachers will be uravneny in the rights with teachers of usual schools. Their rate will be reduced from 24 o`clock in a week till 18 o`clock. It will set off pedstazh. On them pension and other privileges will extend.
Music schools - schools Establishments of the integrated education In usual colleges students receive both professional, and senior secondary education. And muzuchilishcha where learn also trades, and obshcheshkolnym to subjects, do it, it appears, illegally. - to the ninth class - while comprehensive schools can give the basic general education lawfully only. Now ballet and musical schools can learn children 1 - 9 - go classes and under the school program officially.
High schools University To culture high schools the special approach is guaranteed at certification. For example, creative high school where learn only on one integrated group of specialities (UGS) « Culture and art » will be university. Though by rules for usual high schools as university the educational institution, where UGS not less than seven can be called.
Assistentura - training Creative postgraduate study On termination of training the post-graduate student represents not scientific work, and the work of art created by it.

Standards and requirements in the field of creative education Minobrnauki will develop Ministry of culture, instead of. It begins to certify graduates.