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It is not necessary to frown, the NATO!

still before over Libya zapolyhal fiery « Odysseus a dawn » mission of the USA in the NATO has decided to invite to itself to Bruxelles several Russian journalists. So to say, on a straight talk how the block is going to run further business with Russia and that promises us the future - partnership or, upasi My God, new opposition.

the moment for such dialogue has turned out rather convenient. After all passed in the end of the past year in Lisbon the summit Russia - the NATO at last - that has finished two-year « a glacial age » in relations with an alliance, called by events on caucasus in August, 2008 That conversations have turned out informal, names and posts of military men communicating with us and diplomats have insistently asked not to specify us in publications. And it has justified itself: natovtsy at times made such statements which never would sound in official conditions.

FROM Athenes To Vilnius

Acquaintance to the NATO has begun with a trip to the Belgian small town Mons located in 70 km to the south from Bruxelles. The staff of General headquarters alliance armed forces in Europe (in English reduction SHAPE) Here takes place. « It not politicians, and professional fighters, - the press - the employee of the NATO instructed us in road. - therefore do not ask them why and what for, they can respond only to a question: « How? »

entrance in SHAPE (by the form it is a typical military camp with unartful, but accurate panel houses and small cottages - only 600 structures on 200 hectares) has a huge board with a territory map. Fares carry names of capitals of the NATO states: an avenue of Washington, an avenue of London … But members of the block more and more (nowadays them already 28), and streets on all do not suffice. Therefore, for example, from an avenue of Athenes ottjapali two slices, and now it according to an avenue of Vilnius and Tallinn.

clear business, the American orders VS the NATO in Europe. Now it is admiral James Stavridis. In swing at it the British, and nachshtaba - the German. This national deal was saved since cold war. « well the USA and England - it is clear, they in 1948 created the NATO. And why Germany? » - we have taken an interest. « yes it is simple Germans very punctual, born shtabisty » - our interlocutors have explained. By the way, it is casual or not, but the majority of them countries of Eastern Europe, still represented quarter of the century back entering into the Warsaw Contract. There is nothing eternal in the politician …

HAVE walked smack In Afghanistan

the Main building SHAPE has surprised in the modest sizes and any absolutely not military, house atmosphere. In a hall - a board, utykannaja announcements among which the poster NATO sanprosveta « was allocated; Stop a flu! ». There and then nearby, behind an open door, a hairdressing salon on four armchairs. Clients in uniforms of all colouring long-sufferingly wait in turn. Further on a wall a photo gallery: here so the NATO, here was born so it grew … On one of pictures -   the Soviet doctrines in GDR in the beginning 80 - h years. Our accompanying politely smile: « History … »

- If in 1993 we at all had no armies abroad an alliance now their 140 thousand persons, - the NATO officer educated us at a briefing. I ask again: « And how much from them are outside of a traditional zone of responsibility of the block? » also I see a sight full sincere bewilderment: « There, where armies of the NATO and where there is their zone of responsibility are sent. In Afghanistan now more than 130 thousand and almost 6 thousand in Kosovo ».

By the way, in Afgane operate not only the countries of a NATO coalition. Saakashvili has sent there two Georgian battalions (994 persons). And here Estonia is presented … three soldiers. Too supposedly we war …

Under plans, the NATO should leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014. « hardly it will be possible. We have walked smack there, - having lowered a voice, one of interlocutors admitted to me at dinner a military dining room. - have from the very beginning committed an error, without having taken into consideration mentality of Afghans. What there democracy - for them is an empty phrase. Nations, clans - the devil will disassemble them! That the local leader will tell, do ».

Figures of the losses in Afghanistan natovtsy did not name, as we them tortured. But admitted that people killed or wounded men lose every week.

well and how there is a cooperation with Russia? Here all while rutinno: fight against terrorism, a piracy, the narcotraffic. And here with us the NATO does not plan while to spend joint doctrines. « why? » - having forgotten about instructions, we have taken an interest. « it you politicians in Bruxelles ask. They solve » - military men have amicably responded.

And in 90 - e years as on threat we did not look at the NATO. And doctrines joint were. And even konjachkom (as this French commando near Pskov) our Russian muzhiks treated another`s fighters.


Bruxelles a staff - the apartment of the NATO with the well-known sculptural emblem of the block before a facade is placed in an old building of military hospital. It any more does not contain the expanded staff. Therefore the NATO extends not only in Europe, but also directly here, in Bruxelles: through road on waste ground new buildings are under construction.

the input in a premise of mission of the USA is finished by smart marble that, probably, should underline a final authority of States among allies. Here we are accepted by the American ambassador in NATO Ajvo Daalder. It - unique who to us is authorised for quoting.

- I have arrived here in 8 months after war in Georgia and then our relations with Russia were frankly bad, - the ambassador admitted. - but on our impression, president Medvedev wants them to improve. And here in Lisbon we have opened a way to strategic partnership, have renewed in full activity of Advice Russia - the NATO.

but us problems not to a lesser degree interested: in what Moscow and the block disperse and how these disagreements to overcome?

- one of such questions - Georgia. - the voice of the ambassador became more rigid. - another - various approaches to ABM system in Europe. And, at last, discrepancy of sights at alliance expansion. I do not agree that expansion - an error. It is good for new members of the block and for the Russia. Perhaps and it when - nibud becomes a member of the NATO, - has concluded Daalder and is short hohotnul. - We do not consider you as threat and even as opponent, you are a partner!

- and how to be with dispatches of site WikiLeaks in which it is told about the special plan of the NATO on protection of Poland and the Baltic States against aggression of Russia, - we have innocently taken an interest.

- it is not necessary to exaggerate, - the ambassador has waved away. - To Russia it is now better than the relation of Poles and Balts, than when they did not enter into an alliance. To think on - to another - to remain in a captivity of cold war!

Georgia we WILL not hand over. The ABM we WILL construct

And further dialogue with NATO diplomats - not only from the USA, but also from other countries is again trite. With one of very important officials I shlestnulsja on « to the Georgian problem ».

- you are indeed assured, what in August, 2008 Russia has attacked peace Georgia? - I have driven into the interlocutor. - really the alliance did not watch events in a direct mode of time?

- the NATO does not have position of the one who has begun this war. We do not know, - on a blue eye the opponent has responded. Also has added: - Yes it already is not important. Georgia - our ally on Southern caucasus. We one will not leave it. The separatists who have separated from it we do not recognise and are assured that the international community in it will support us. And you - are not present!

Anything to itself, it was thought, the partnership appears!

but absolutely zaiskrilo when with others natovtsami have begun to discuss prospects of antimissile defence. To us have rigidly declared that the ABM in Europe will be especially NATO structure and, despite all offers of Moscow, any joint system with Russia is not planned to create. Because the Russian Federation not a member of the NATO and hardly when it becomes (au, Mr. Daalder!) .

- But you assert that this system is converted against the Iranian rockets, - I have laid out the laid up argument. - if these mythical rockets will depart towards Europe, - through the Russian territory. You that to force down them to us on heads gather?

interlocutors have fallen silent, but the kind at them became malicious. At last one of natovtsev gives out:

- And we never declared that this ABM is directed only against Iran.

- here so news! It turns out that you will appear through the radar my country and to threaten its security. And if Russia how Medvedev has declared, develops rocket complexes which if something happens will stifle this your ABM in the answer?

- throw, we fine understand that all these rigid attacks become for your internal audience, - owners cut plain truth. Where their former diplomatic crape has got to? Us nail rigid formulations. - You, Russian, on a broader scale be grateful that we concerning the ABM carry on till now negotiations. And after all could manage and without it. But it is necessary to look back at Obama`s desire to support reboot with Russia.

and absolutely I have not believed to the ears when NATO officials were accepted publicly on what light kosterit Russian postpreda at Dmitry Rogozin`s alliance - a case in diplomatic practice unprecedented. A pier, « a hawk » this Russian on consultations on the ABM behaves defiantly, « has stolen » in Bruxelles public opinion, journalists only to it in a mouth also look. And here to me one more dispatch with WikiLeaks, even in the autumn of 2009 sent in State department from &hellip was suddenly remembered; missions of the USA at the NATO signed by ambassador Ajvo Daaldera already familiar to us. In it it was said that Rogozin`s behaviour is discouraging and it would be necessary to achieve its replacement.

Whether political jealousy, whether cold calculation, but spirit - Shakespearean!

* * *

here such visit in « has turned out; a den » the NATO as would tell in Soviet period. The main conclusion which I for myself have made: both we, and they, despite of everything, persistently try to leave on real partnership. Of a block management are, seemingly, convinced that new cooling of relations with Russia is necessary for nobody.

Yes, hundreds people participate in negotiations and contacts, sometimes with polar opinions. Recoils, quarrels are possible. It should be considered, but teamwork is obligatory for continuing. Certainly, as the corner-stone we always should put own interests. However thus not to forget that on many new calls even to large world players today to answer together easier. Certainly, if they play by one rules.

Postpred of the Russian Federation at an alliance Dmitry Rogozin: « To begin with let the NATO will refuse military planning against us ».
the Photo: Marina VOLOSEVICH

the SIGHT From our PARTY

Postpred of the Russian Federation at the NATO Dmitry ROGOZIN: « the Head in sand we do not hide »

Time which at whom in an alliance has grown huge tooth on the constant representative of Russia at Dmitry Rogozin`s NATO, god ordered to learn its opinion on those problems which we so in detail discussed with our owners from the American mission.

the premise of the Russian permanent representative is located in several rooms in the separate case on boondocks of the main building a staff - block apartments.

- Here we for the clear reasons private talks do not conduct also documents we do not hold, - there has begun conversation Dmitry Olegovich, having been lop-sided on a shaky wall behind which any NATO official hoarsely coughed. - but also in sand a head we do not hide. Now together with natovtsami we work over performance of the decisions accepted at the Lisbon summit. On a number of directions dialogue goes successfully, on another - hardly.

Afghanistan: WAR thousand insurgents which after leaving therefrom NATO armies will move to the Central Asia now war Against HEROIN

- In Afghanistan. And at us there the interests and the compatriots. Besides, from « free Afghanistan » to us through this region the huge stream of heroin from which we already now sustain terrible losses will pour down. Therefore we try to motivate Americans and their allies to war against a drug mafia in Afghanistan more actively. How? Here, in particular, we suggest the NATO to lean in this business against cooperation with the Organization of the Contract on collective security (ODKB) which includes Russia. It could help and with information interchange on actions of insurgents (including in territory of the Central Asia), and in carrying out of joint operations against heroin caravans. But partners to deal ODKB do not want. Why - that consider that in the geopolitical plan it too will strengthen positions of Russia.


we have lawful bases to think that the American ABM created in Europe (as a part of their global system) can take our strategic nuclear forces under a sight. And this already obvious infringement of nuclear parity between the USA and the Russian Federation. Some our sceptics consider, what exactly for this purpose the ABM and is developed, and Iran - only a pretext. Us try to assure of the return. But I ask the western colleagues: « And what for you do radius of interceptor missiles to Ural Mountains? » are silent...

we see two ways of the decision of this question. The first: Russia becomes the high-grade participant of the given system. That is there should be one button - with a uniform command control centre, with our officers on the panel. Then we can be assured that this system cannot be applied against us. The second variant: To impose such technical restrictions on the created ABM at which she will be not capable to keep control of dispersal sector, first of all on Severo - the West, the Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles.

(after some days after this meeting Dmitry Medvedev has appointed Rogozin the special representative of the Russian Federation at negotiations from the NATO on the ABM. - Red.)


One more important subject is connected to refuse conducting military planning the friend protWillows of the friend. To take the same secret plan on protection of Poland and Baltic against the external enemy in which image Russia acts. In the answer to me partners in the NATO in every possible way let know: a pier, we are the military block, as without military planning. Well here also let`s agree that you conduct it, but train on kitties. Instead of draw arrows on a map against us. And we do not become. I managed to include this question in the working program of Advice Russia - the NATO this year.

Bruxelles - Moscow.

And you that think?