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Leah there was a sex in the Political bureau?

anyway so thought and even in the television bridge between the USSR and America Lyudmila Nikolaevna Ivanov (at that time - the manager of hostel « on July, 17th, 1986 has declared; Leningrad » and the representative of public organisation « Committee of the Soviet women ») . Its phrase was rastirazhirovana all world agencies! And though she said at all about absence of sex as that, and that we at that time did not have a problem with sexual images in advertising, its words became a part of our history.

actually we had also the sex - revolution, and radical currents (to take at least Clara Tsetkin`s ideas or the theory « a water glass » - the revolutionary youth insisted what to have sex citizens of revolutionary Russia should as simply how to drink a water glass). But all it has very quickly disappeared under heavy ferro-concrete cargo of communistic morals. In student`s years I could get acquainted with Aron Borisovicha Zalkinda`s amusing booklet « Revolution and youth » published in 1924. In it this visible pedolog (there was in those days such science - pedologija) has allocated « twelve sexual precepts of revolutionary proletariat ». Reading matter this extremely amusing. I will result pair of citations from the prologue: « … the working class should be extremely prudent in use of the energy, should be economical, even is avaricious, if business concerns savings of forces for the sake of increase in fighting fund. Therefore he will not resolve to itself(himself) that impetuous leak of power mammon which characterises sexual life of a modern bourgeois society with its early vozbuzhdennostju and unruliness of sexual displays... »

further there were two more tens pages of the frank nonsense in detail regulating how the inhabitants of the USSR especially concerning working weights, should live, love, have sex and so on. And though Zalkinda with a crash have ousted the editor-in-chief of magazine « Pedologija » and from a post of the director of Institute of psychology, pedologii and psychotechnicians, its many postulates have been added by communists to the arsenal. Also began to take root into weights. As a result even the Soviet and party heads (including the first persons) have received thorough deformation of consciousness which was expressed in inadequate perception, apparently, absolutely innocent things.


About Lenin and Stalin perception of mentioned problems we we will not argue. Simply literary - the publicistic legacy of two these leaders was in due time so is carefully emasculated and smoothed that in it there was no at all a place to human emotions. Especially connected with sex.

all beginning on the sly to change after Stalin`s death. But our leaders nurtured in tverdokamenno - communistic spirit, long enough could not come to other perception of how in this plan there lives all normal world. Their adaptation in any way &hellip also proceeded less than thirty years;

the First of our leaders who has faced displays « sex » in kapstranah and « has rejected of their resolute pressure » there was Nikita Khruschev. In 1959 during visit to the USA he has been invited to visit Hollywood. And owners have decided to surprise the high Soviet visitor with an enchanting show. At first Frenk Sinatra and Moris Shevale have sung for Khruschev a song « Live and give to live another » and then to it have shown the present cancan. And not any there kabatsky or operetta, and a cancan performed by professional actresses, including movie stars led by Shirli Maklejn.

This in general - that innocent number (to whom it is interesting, can watch the American film of 1959 « the Cancan ») Has called more than rough reaction of the Soviet management. Minister for Foreign Affairs Andrey Gromyko accompanying Khruschev in the memoirs wrote: «... Executing a cancan were any semiundressed beings wriggling and coiling on a scene ». And group of journalists and the political scientists, written about Khruschev`s visit the book « Face to face with America » characterised a show so: « … it was clear that it is a shame to actresses both before itself, and before those who sees them. They danced, without understanding, to whom and what for has come to mind to force them to do it before Nikita Sergeevichem Khruschev and before other Soviet visitors ».

Khruschev Victor Suhodrev`s Translator remembered that first Khruschev still as - that kept. During dance of the relation did not express, even poaplodiroval to actresses, and has then communicated to them, gave thanks for show. But here when on an exit to it correspondents have broken, it has simply frowned and has told that «... From its point of view and from the point of view of the Soviet people, it - is simply immoral ». Has However, added that in vain bad things on a fun to the blase, corrupted public force to do good girls. « in Soviet Union we have got used to admire persons of actors, instead of their bums ». With that also has left Hollywood.

certainly, Khruschev`s these words which have seemed to Americans hypocrisy and stagnancy display, were rastirazhirovany the local press. As a result Nikita Sergeevich was simply enraged!

as Suhodrev, « remembered; in the Dignity - Frantsisko Khruschev has continued a subject, having told that the Soviet people never will want to look that showed to it in Hollywood. « Good fair girls are urged to execute obscene dances, to lift up skirts, to show the backs on potrebu to the corrupted tastes of rich consumers of such goods! » thus Khruschev has removed a chair and, having turned a back to present, has bent down and has lifted up floors of the jacket. So it represented « the fair girl dancing a cancan ».

By the way, Khruschev Alexey Adzhubej`s accompanying it on that trip the son-in-law, in private conversation with the translator has complained: « you Know, I do not absolutely agree with Nikita Sergeevichem concerning a cancan. I think that at the beautiful woman not only the person it is possible to admire … »

Khruschev cooled down slowly. And even, going for a drive with the special representative of US president Henry Lodge on Los - Andzhelesu and having seen set of Americans in shorts, has muttered: « interesting here at you … Women in short panties. At us such would not resolve ».

MEMBERS of PRESIDIUM of the Central Committee And the KAMA SUTRA

In 1960 has gone to India and Nepal powerful     delegation into which three members of presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU entered: the chairman of Presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR « the first marshal » Klim Voroshilov, the first vice-president Sovmina (later - the secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU) Frol of Goats and the minister of culture Ekaterina Furtseva.

On a trip it was found out that some our state figures are not absolutely familiar (to be exact, are completely not familiar) with sexual traditions of the people of the brotherly countries Jugo - East Asia.

as Victor Suhodrev, as the translator accompanying delegation remembered, the most amusing incident has occurred in Nepal. It has found out that in each Nepalese city there is an area of temples on which some constructions devoted to various Buddhist cults are usually located. One of temples - necessarily temple of Love. And Suhodrev has solved together with other translators and the press photographer to visit a historical construction. And feature of a temple of Love in Katmandu were « carved images of rather frank erotic plots ». If to speak more precisely, the Kama Sutra in 3D. Translators have looked, were impressed, the press photographer has finished shooting pair of films. And the basic members of delegation « meetings with perfect » have first avoided.

after returning it was found out that Voroshilov had a birthday. Have drunk vodka, and Suhodrev has told Kozlovu about temple visitation. That extremely was upset that it did not take with itself. Has wished to visit a temple and Furtseva. But in Katmandu it it was not possible to make …

In a following city which was visited by high Soviet visitors, meeting of friendship with their participation was spent directly on the central temple area. And here the translator has seen that directly behind a tribune on which have planted delegation, there is a same temple of Love, as in Katmandu. Certainly, on scales it was less, but sculptural images erotic (hardly was has not written « pornographic ») Character were present at all variety. And Suhodrev, clear business, has approached to Kozlovu and has whispered to it on an ear: « Frol Romanovich, I to you told today about a temple where we were in the morning, and so, we now are at bottom of just the same temple of Love. If you imperceptibly look back, can which - what to see … »

And has then departed to the place and began to observe of Kozlovym. « It, as they say, was free cinema. A minute later from - for high backs of an armchair in which sat Goats, fields of its straw hat have seemed, there were then eyes shone by curiosity, and then and all person. When Goats has peered into the wooden bas-reliefs which have darkened from time, at it the jaw has literally drooped, eyes were approximated, and he has sharply turned away. But a minute later the same has repeated. So he looked back during all meeting ».

I do not know, how much strong was « cultural shock » For 52 - the summer native of village Loshchinino of Kasimovsky district of the Ryazan province - all - taki it and the first secretary Leningrad obkoma has worked, and was considered even as Khruschev`s possible heir, - but, on an attestation of eyewitnesses, it long could not depart from the seen. And Furtsevoj which has expressed desire in detail to familiarise with achievements Nepalese skulp - tours, Goats has told on - simple: « … to You, Katyas, there it is impossible … »

Leonid Ilich with pleasure looked after ladies. Though and Platonically. That has not prevented much to consider as its lady`s man.


When read the literature or memoirs on Leonid Brezhnev it appears almost as the playboy. Here in one photo it pours to laughing ladies beer, on another embraces the very young working woman, on the third smiles to the pretty nurse. But obvious cheerfulness of the secretary general any was in a special way combined with its sharp estimations of the image of love scenes, especially at cinema.

Vladimir Medvedev, the deputy chief of protection of Leonid Ilicha, remembered: « Brezhnev most of all loved films « about scouts » and « about war ». Remembered the military years... When health has been already undermined, looked and cried... Very much did not love in films kisses. « sex. Dissoluteness ». Probably, these estimations have not reached a cinematography management, differently in all films, our and foreign, all kisses would be cut out. Better after all perebdet, than nedobdet ».

Our readers with the experience fine remember those times when from foreign films which were bought for hire in the USSR, by the special commissions were cut out « ideologically incorrect » plots. Very few people knows, what exactly standard duration of sessions - 1 hour of 20 minutes then has been for this purpose specially established. And the American films lasted not less than one and a half hours. So 10 minutes anyway should be cleaned. And not always it was a caption …

Yury Churbanov, the former son-in-law of the secretary general, told to me in the late nineties what even those days when they with Galina Brezhnevoj came in Zareche to the father-in-law, it could not « To renounce principles ». If « young generation » watched in a cinema hall any film without ideological implied sense moreover with « sex » and « dissoluteness » Brezhnev tried not to enter at all into a premise. Could stand at an input, and then any sound (cough, a word) to show the displeasure and left.

by the way, Vladimir Medvedev in the book « the Person behind the back » confirms that told Blocks. Also says that when Brezhnev once again sat down to look « Exploit of the scout » a cinema hall left « young ». Here the conflict « was such; fathers and children » in one separately taken family of the secretary general of the Central Committee of the CPSU …


For the sake of justice we will notice that completely not all Soviet heads were so categorical opponents « sex » at cinema or on a platform. The bodyguard of Brezhnev Vladimir Medvedev mentioned by us after his death continued to work with different heads of the CPSU. The fellow-heir of Michael Suslov on fast of the main ideologist of party Michael Zimjanin was one of its wards. However, this secretary of the Central Committee as Suslov, did not go with speed of 40 kilometres per hour, did not wear a cap - « a pie » and an antiquarian coat. And on a broader scale was the person, being expressed by the modern language more advanced.

Medvedev remembers a trip with Zimjaninym to Brazil in the early eighties. There was an evening, and the Brazilian protection of the Soviet visitor has left to have a rest. And here Zimjanin has suggested the chief of protection to visit together « a vesper session » at cinema.

« We have sat down in the car, - Medvedev remembers. - I, as always, have found out in advance interests of Michael of Vasilyevich and already knew, what cinemas are in hotel area. Has called only quickly in embassy, has asked, in the session how much begins and comes to an end.

- the film erotic, - was warned by me. He has laughed.

is too it is necessary to know.

we have entered into a hall when light has already been extinguished, and in the end I have warned:

- In five minutes the film will end, idemte.

As, in the dark, left. Precaution not superfluous, for the next day in newspapers there could be photos: the main ideologist of the USSR, the ecclesiast of socialist realism prefers to all kinds of arts a film sensuality ».

the primitive film frankly was not pleasant To me. Zimjanin has concerned easy, did not abuse and did not praise. « a usual film from this sort of production ».

Certainly, the employee « the nine » smoothes things over a little. Hardly with such safety measures the secretary of the Central Committee has gone to look any « Emmanuel ». The film more rigid was faster. But reaction of Zimjanina was more adequate, than, say, at Khruschev or Brezhnev …

And on a broader scale the Soviet heads visited from time to time pleasure institutions where were shown either a striptease, or erotic dances. Now similar visits pass already almost officially though are not advertised widely. One of heads of Presidential Administration of Yeltsin as the chief of its protection Vladimir Kuznetsov told to me, during visit to Paris was priglashen our ambassador in « Mulen - Ruzh ». Also it was converted with the personal request: not to accompany it in this institution. The consent has been received, as nearby were both the ambassador, and security guards of embassy. But the latent protection all the same should be organised. However, that occurred further, employees do not tell: « Have come, have sat and have left … »

This smart phrase has cast to me an ancient joke of Soviet period: « the Spouse of the party head comes back from a foreign trip. Also begins « to report » to the husband: « Us, by the way, drove on a striptease! » the husband is interested: « Well and how there? » the Wife speaks: « Now I will show ». Includes a radio-gramophone, puts a plate and starts to undress slowly. The husband looks to steam of minutes: « Yes, truth was told by ours partorg - disgusting this show, a striptease! »

Victor Suhodreva`s memoirs « Are used; my Language - my friend. From Khruschev to Gorbachev … » Vladimir Medvedev « the Person behind the back » Alexey Adzhubeja « Those ten years » Evgenie Chazova « Health and the power » the collection « Face to face with America ».

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