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Krasin`s street became unilateral: stoppers have moved on the next streets

Yesterday, on April, 2nd, movement in the street Krasin became unilateral. Now to leave from the Tishinsky area on the Garden ring, it is necessary to make the way in a roundabout way. According to a management of the Moscow traffic police and authorities of the capital, the innovation will help to relieve city centre of jams.

« has decided to learn, how drivers have reacted to this innovation, and at the same time to check up, a leah stoppers have decreased.

Sunday, 19. 00. Really, on Krasin jams are not present. Peace and harmony. Everywhere – « bricks » forbidding journey towards Garden. One, two, three, four brand new signs successively. Even before entrance on itself Garden have hung up « a brick » though the sense in it is not present absolutely any.

« the Brick » the Photo hangs even before departure on the Garden ring
: Michael RJABIKOV Aleksandrovich

And that precisely nobody has taken in head to be driven by old rules, on crossing from Gashek and Zoological two cars with inspectors of traffic police are on duty. Well and for a dense forest of persuasiveness entrance on Krasin from party Tishinki have blocked the plastic it is red - white protections.

With neprivychki drivers are confused, frightened and from a hopelessness signal. The inspector of traffic police, gloomy, sits in the car, having stared in one point. To stand on road with a staff and to explain to the poor driver, what yes as, to it a lack of time.

Krasin as already was it is told, free, but stoppers have moved on the next streets. Having suffered and having understood that on Krasin it shines nothing, drivers taxi anywhere. And « has got » it on Vasilevsky, actually, unique street on which it is possible to call in and … to stop – the steam of cars waiting for a green signal of a traffic light has ahead stood. And it, this traffic light, is adjusted so, it is necessary what to wait very much and very long. As a result the stopper is stretched on all Average Tishinsky lane. The same situation on Big Georgian where, having developed, sufferers go to get on Garden through Tver.

the Vasilevsky street has turned to one big stopper
the Photo: Michael RJABIKOV

- Duristika any, - complains the driver of a cargo GAZELLE Nikolay Efremov. – more often here I happen, I result the goods in local « the Crossroads ». Before a stopper were, and now – it is even more steel. Have changed here everything, only drivers have confused …

to Break rules employees of traffic police
do not give the Photo: Michael RJABIKOV

By the way, a similar situation visitors of a site - right after foretold also how we have published news about the future change of directions of movement.

« Now to death will rise Big Georgian towards Tver and Zoological, - Vladimir has written to us. - any logic in administration actions ».

Somebody was scarlet also is near from true: « On a broader scale those streets which two strips have only, should be unilateral, but here along the street Krasin movement have made not in that direction, it should be developed in due course. It was necessary to make from Vasilevsky to the Garden ring, and have made to the contrary! ».

Entrance on Krasin`s street was blocked by car of GAI and plastic curbstones
by Photos: Michael RJABIKOV

And here on the Big Carriage lane where on March, 23rd one-way traffic also has started to operate, and near it all is quiet. Before it is quiet that becomes strange: and what for here it, one-way traffic, is necessary - that? There and earlier anybody with Garden did not turn. Probably, those who consider are right: simply so it is more convenient the policeman from a central board on Petrovka home to come back.


Vyacheslav LYSAKOV, the head of multi-region public organisation of motorists « the Freedom in choosing » a member of advisory council at Committee on transport of the State Duma of Russia:  

It is necessary to use special computer programs

- to Translate streets to one-way traffic it makes sense only after careful computer modelling of a road situation. At us frequently decisions are accepted without participation of experts. From here and stoppers. Now the situation is aggravated ostentatious « sweeps » Tver. In this street there is enough of parking pockets, but even therefrom GAI officers expel motorists. All these cars naturally move to narrow lanes. And already it all together leads to awful consequences.