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The computer graphics will deduce televiewers in the Free space

From year to year on television shoot films by Day of astronautics. However a present picture, according to on the channel, especial. And is faster not from - for the sensational facts, and from - how they are submitted.

- we have decided to go by the way of synthesis of the chronicle, reconstruction and a drawing, - has told « the producer of a cycle « the Free space » Valery Babich. - recently the majority of films about space have been concentrated on opposition of the USSR - America, on the one who was the first, and who the second.... This « war of the worlds » in our opinion, hammers in astronautics history as that. We have tried to leave from a policy, from unbounded stalinsko - a camp history, from a stereotype of military perception of flights in space. A new film   Is first of all interesting and fascinating history which we have tried to tell clear language even for those people who imagine that such space a little.

and it is valid, the picture reminds an educational film where with the help of a drawing, various schemes and pictures, documentary cinema with elements of the art all history of outer space exploration is shown more.

- in Soviet period some objects or space vehicles simply did not act in film, - Babich opens secrets of a picture. - for example, so far as concerns the first dogs who have departed to space, to us usually show at all that rocket on which they have departed. And all because present simply did not remove. In « the Free space » we will see the reconstructed picture of this event. Or anybody never removed laboratory GiRda (Groups of studying of jet movement. - Red.) Therefore in a film it will appear in the kind restored under descriptions. Video chronicles with participation of one of pioneers of rocket technics of inventor Fridriha Tsandera have not been found out, therefore its image has been recreated on photos.

by the way, in the first series we will see by means of a reconstruction genre the recreated scenes of start of German ballistic missile FAU - 2, our rockets R - 1, R - 2, R - 7, a conclusion to a companion orbit.

the First has started to mark day of astronautics one week prior to the date, having arranged the real « space week » in which frameworks also the well-known film «, by the way, will be shown; Fight for space » created with the assistance of the First channel, BBC (Great Britain), National Geographic (USA) and NDR (Germany).

  « the Free space » on April, 4th, 1 - I and 2 - I series, 22. 30.