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« When you create alms, do not blow before itself as hypocrites in synagogues and in streets that their people » glorified do;.

(the gospel of St. Matthew. The Sermon of the mount.)

* * *

At a meeting in London the countries ostensibly embodying the resolution of the United Nations about closing of air space over Libya, to greater (though also predicted) to surprise of Russia, named the real purpose of the bombardments - discharge from the power (in any kind) colonel Muamara Kaddafi. The new commander of NATO armies in Europe James Stavridis, responding in the American senate to a question, a leah is a problem of armies of a coalition to create « political space » for overthrow of the Libyan mode, has exhaled: « Correctly ». And has then explained that, though the NATO « does not consider while » a question on placing of the armies in Libya, « possibility of a stabilisation mode exists ».

it is not enough you Iraq, where since it « clearings of the tyrant » and the subsequent occupation 1,5 million persons were lost almost? A little, leaves.

it is not a pity to me of the Libyan dictator. It is a pity that the iniquity which publicly and impudently try to frame with nobleness affirms. Earlier at least in words was considered that « force in truth » now (consider, officially) - « strong the rights ». For the world community it is sad also because power of dethroning Kaddafi, - as at sportsmen - veterans which not in a status to achieve success without anabolic steroids. Will cease to redeem constantly from a debt hole silent China - and kranty. Live - that after all « heroes » on credit. But to leave from a scene silently to whom it would be desirable? Therefore, you look, and to Beijing, the supplier of a dope, business « just » will reach: « Something is bad with the dissidents are converted. We, the world community, it is more it to suffer not mogem! Payment - rockets ». And - a pitch gloom.

* * *

When the Minister of Defence of the USA Robert Gates with a serious kind says that in the Near East remains three not democratic modes - Libya, Iran and Syria, - is not ridiculous absolutely. And Bahrain and all these dwarfish emiraty? And Saudi Arabia, at entrance in which at christians select the Bible?

the senior adviser European ministresses - baronesses Eshton across the Western Balkans and the Near East Robert Cooper has puzzled recently deputies of EuroParliament nemnogosloviem. Explaining bloody suppression of demonstrations in Bahrain, has filtered, that have got rid: « Incidents happen ». In 2002 this British diplomat was prompted on an essay. The outstanding citation therefrom: « the Call to the postmodernist world consists that we should get used to idea of double standards. Among themselves we can operate, leaning against laws and open cooperation in security sphere. But, when we deal with more old-fashioned types of the states, it is necessary to come back to more rigid methods of an era former: to force, a preventive attack and a deceit ». A handsome man!

too the adviser, but were - on national security of the USA, - Zbignev Bzhezinsky couple of years has warned the western elite that « back; the world pressing forward to find human worthiness is the central call, characteristic for a phenomenon of global political awakening » and « youth « the third world » it is especially uneasy and revolted ». A conclusion of the aged expert: « it was easier to supervise one million person Earlier, than physically to destroy; now where easier to kill, than to supervise ».

* * *

But not absolutely so. Thanks to efforts Twitter, Facebook and so forth insignificant eksgibitsionisty - on a game. By their vainglorious attention pass sign news. You, my readers, - others? A leah

know, for example, that the commander « National transitive advice » there was an old shot of CIA of Caliph Hifter, the former colonel of the Libyan army? In its 1987 then still court Kaddafi, Americans have caught in Chad where Hifter participated in attempt of overthrow of the local government. Also have quickly set straight. Last 20 years this type lived in Vienne (State of Virginia), in ten kilometres from a staff - CIA apartments, whence has arrived to Bengasi. A leah

are informed that as the Minister of Finance in « has informed; National transitive advice » Ali Tarhuni, the western countries have given to insurgents the credit under guarantees of means... From the Libyan sovereign fund? Great Britain, in particular, without having on that any rights, has provided « to revolutionaries » access to 1,1 billion dollars from savings of Kaddafi.

Conscience where? Search in other place.

Tripoli is not grasped yet, but in Bengasi the new Libyan Central Bank is already created. Through Qatar where there is no parliament, but is based « freedom-loving « Al - Dzhazira » (operatively become one-sided), sales « are adjusted; democratic oil » promising 1,5 billion dollars a month.

* * *

beyond Libya - Syria? After « revolutions » in Tunis and Egypt where, except replacement of odious heads of the states, has changed nothing, it would be logical. Elimination of not so separate persons, and the modes which are not arranging the West (though in a case with Damascus it is not so much the West, how much Israel) begins with Libya.

Protesting, truth, in Syria is not enough. The majority of the population supports president Bashara Assada. But already became more active such « fighters for human rights » As Hajtam al - Maleh and Muhannad al - Hassani spreading provocative informations on a distemper. They are financed by the organisation « Fried nau » (« Freedom now! »), the chain from which conducts to Fund Lantosa (the adviser there - the president of Israel Shimon Peres) and to Fund Bronfmana (its motto - « the Jewish values. Global influence ») . To derail Syria - old dream of the Zionists, not gathering to return stolen at these country Golan heights. For this reason without small a decade ago Syria has been included in « a harm Axis » thought up by the Proisraeli lobby in Washington for giving kontseptualnosti to George Bush`s foreign policy - younger.

one of the brightest representatives of this lobby, Elliot Abrams, is no time holding fast of the assistant to the adviser for national security of the USA, it was already noted - has published in « Washington fast » article under heading « Relieving Syria of the despot ». The most shameless passage: «... Memory of thousand the American soldiers killed in Iraq by means of a mode of Assada, demands from us to do the utmost for the help to Syrians that they have released themselves from ominous dictatorship ».

These people do not cross.