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At us in a court yard of the house 13, the case 1 in Sheremetevsky street   drivers have arranged through journey of motor transport, as a matter of fact, pridomovaja the territory became   the doubler of Sheremetevsky street. Here daily - stoppers, noise, a gassed condition. You leave an entrance and you get on proezzhuju a part. But to close journey to us forbid, promise only   to establish signs « the Residential zone ». But a leah drivers will pay attention to this sign?


I Work at office on Poslannikovom a lane, to reach to a work place always a problem. The matter is that in the end of a lane there is a car inspection division on check in of vehicles, passages of checkup, removal from the account and etc. Lane narrow (two cars hardly will part), and on it supersize waggons, cranes, special vehicles all the day go, without speaking about automobile motor transport.



On a tram route 27 at a stop « Prefecture SAO » (towards the underground « Vojkovsky ») The booth which had a roof and a bench for the passengers, expecting transport has been dismantled. And the pavilion for expectation of transport is not present till now. And after all at this stop of a tram older persons which come to Savings Bank branch, Sacred Nikolay`s church, prefecture expect. It is difficult to them to stand, and from a rain it is necessary to hide, the open space is blown. It is necessary to put on a stop at least the most simple pavilion.

Simeon Sergeevich.


Underground transition under railway station « novogireevo » for a long time became small Cherkizonom. Since early morning dealers display and hang out the goods, at times even it is difficult to pass through them on a platform to electric trains or cash desks. They also trade under a sharp-sighted eye of peace officers. And in case of any check dealers organizovanno leave the places, and here only then underground transition pleases passing Muscovites with emptiness and cleanliness.


… the PULLING down of GARAGES

In court yard of cases of the house 152 on the Warsaw highway there is ugly metal jungle from hundreds mixed garages - cockleshells. In literal sense of light white behind them it is not visible. Better on their place in due time autocratically grasped to land bushes and trees. Well and asphalt it is time to update in court yard, with 90 - h years changed nothing, a pool knee-deep.


Pokrovsk - Streshnevo many years are In an ancient forest park of 300 rotten metal garages, and anybody does not take down them.

Maxim Petrovich.


Open sites of the Filevsky line of the underground obviously need under repair. On a hole ceiling of which the rusty armature sticks out. All in leakings. When it is raining, from above on a head waiting the train flows water. It is simply terrible to be at these stations - that and look, the concrete piece will fall to a head!