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We inherit a car on - new!

changes which, as it is known, now come into force are made to check in of cars. Tell, and a leah changes an order of registration of the cars which have got in the inheritance?


Yes, changes. To 3. 04. 11 years to sell the car inherited, it was required to park at first on the account on itself, to receive numbers, then to strike off the register the car and to sell it.

now procedure is reduced to one action: by car transfer by right of succession its intermediate check in for the fellow-heir is not required. That is after the introduction into rights of succession the fellow-heir has the right to sell the car at once. Thus in traffic police documents will issue at once on the new proprietor and if both proprietors are registered in one subject of the Russian Federation also car numbers it is not required to change.

HOW to be: « HAVE punched » The CAR ON BASE, And IT is not registered!

Has bought the car by proxy, and after a while the proprietor has struck it off the register in connection with loss, anything to me without having informed on it. About the termination of check in I have learnt from GAI officers, which « have punched » I wash the car on base. Prompt, a leah it is possible to put again the car on the account?


If the proprietor of the car has stopped HARDWARE check in in connection with its loss (but not in connection with stealing or recycling) to restore the car account it is possible, having converted into traffic police with the corresponding statement and having given the car and documents on it.

WHO WILL pay DAMAGES, IF At GUILTY Of road accident the VOID POLICY?

Has got to a situation: the driver, from - for which had a road accident, there was void policy OSAGO. Leah I can be converted behind damage compensation into the insurance company on new system of direct indemnification?

a frost.

To your regret, no, cannot. And that is why. Direct indemnification, that is the reference in the insurance company on OSAGO, is possible only in case the civil liability of both drivers who have got to road accident, is insured under contract OSAGO (item 14. 1 Law about OSAGO). In your case the policy of the originator of road accident is void, accordingly it is considered that its responsibility is not insured, and direct indemnification is inapplicable.

1. Therefore I advise at first to be converted in writing into the insurance company specified in the policy of the originator of road accident, behind acknowledgement of that the policy is void (because the given company it did not stand out). If the insurer confirms such fact, collect a damage you can only from the originator of road accident during negotiations or through court.

2. If invalidity of the policy is connected by that the insurance company has been deprived the licence or has gone bankrupt, behind damage compensation be converted into the Russian union of autoinsurers (RSA).

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