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Who such Roza Sjabitova?

the Main matchmaker of the country who have visited one of these days in Irkutsk, has stirred up readers of a site « the TV presenter of the popular program on the First channel « Give we will get married » has commented on relations of star pair the Russian show - Alla Pugachevoj and Maxim Galkin`s business. Their novel or as they there name the union, all country discusses now. Someone is glad for the Prima donna, someone assures « fiction » and the Rose of Sjabitova considers - relations are doomed.

- I not the fortuneteller and not the astrologist, but has given such comment, - the Rose of Sjabitova has declared. - Is   women who are devoted the people of Edit Piaf, Alla Pugacheva. In respect of talent – these are brilliants. But any man cannot compete to the people. Galkin, certainly, is talented. But in this tandem it always will be the second. Alla Pugachevu nobody will surpass (details).   Who could think, the majority of readers of a site was conceived by words Sjabitovoj, as the personal reviling.

- Bad psychologist Sjabitova! – has left the comment the user from Siberia. - If itself has taken out a dirt from a family there is nothing to water and judge others! (It is a question of scandal in Rozy Sjabitovoj family – a comment of Red.) Here her husband really gigolo and soderzhanets. To read oppositely, judges Galkin who sticks in the years and tours and concerts, and than this on life earns Andreys? After transfer the Rose has dirtied the reputation, and now after this article and will not be washed at all!

At me personally the relation to the main matchmaker of the country has developed the double. Certainly, the woman it bright and charismatic. Power from it and pret. In literal sense bryzzhet every which way. I have felt it, hardly having entered into a hall when it finished the seminar and signed books to fans.   and that a sin to conceal, and argues like correct. A family as the corner-stone puts, eternal values propagandises. Learns not a problem to solve divorces, and to listen each other and to try to understand. On the other hand, well though on pieces cut, and in their ideal pair the spouse I do not believe. And in sincerity of its words too. It is impossible, as tried. All conversation caught itself on thought that as - that is lusciously sweet all at them. Go by the way of a pardon and a repentance. On the errors study. Can be and so. I suppose. But want frankly?  

It was thought that have converged - that they together only because the general business to burn through the beginnings. After a show trail on the same First channel on the program at Andrey Malakhov Sjabitova spoke, the people have ceased to believe it. A pier, itself the relations with the muzhik you can not understand, but others you try to reunite. And in interview she about it has again mentioned. To judge, in general, I do not undertake. Only assumptions I voice. So who such Roza Sjabitova? The loving woman or simply business - vumen? In my opinion, the second is faster.