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Nazarbayev will correct the country of 28 years

Following strange European democratic tradition, in Kazakhstan in a past week-end have voted for the new president of the country. But have made this all - taki on - are Asian - the president, of course, remained old - Noursultan Nazarbayev whom 22 years correct the country and there will be the head of the state now still at least 6 years. For it kazahstantsy have voted distsiplinirovanno: as the head of the Central Electoral Committee of republic Kuandyk Turgankulov has informed, Nazarbayev has received 95,5 % of votes.

that is even better, than on last elections of 2005 where the president has received « in total » 91,5 %.

Three rivals Nazarbayev have received something about 2 % of voices.

the appearance of voters does a picture of the Kazakhstan elections even more idealistichnoj - according to preliminary data, it has made 89,9 %. Thereby having improved a national record in it « a mass sport » (On the previous elections the appearance was « only » 76,78 %).

Opinions of observers as it usually happens, were divided. Russians on custom are complacent. The chairman of election committee of the Penza region Nikolay Tarakov even has urged to apply the Kazakh experience on forthcoming elections in the State Duma and the president.

Nazarbayev again became the president, and without having met in Kazakhstan the worthy rival.
a photo: REJTER.

And here statements of the European representatives are inconsistent - head of mission of observers of Bureau of democratic institutes and OSCE human rights (BDIPCH) Daan Everts has declared that voting has been spent « not up to the mark ».

But from the PASS presidential campaign was pleasant to their colleagues.

« the delegation agrees in opinion that, despite some imperfections which inevitably arise on any elections in any country, results of this voting really reflect will of the Kazakhstan voters » - Julia Lyovochkina has declared the chief negotiator.

However, favour of the West to « eternal » to Nazarbayev has explained recently omnipresent site WikiLeaks. There the documents, clearing up a position of the USA are published: Washington though considers Kazakhstan « authoritative protodemocracy » However do not intend to wage with it cold war. Not to lose the investments into this country and not to allow Astana to become « the satellite of the Kremlin ».