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The Finnish expert considers that Japanese hide truth about failure on the atomic power station

For example, at first is informed that radiation level on the atomic power station exceeds norm in thousand times, and then representatives of the owner of the atomic power station, the company « Tepko » declare that the data was erroneous.

the General director Jukka Laaksonen KNOCK considers that at the Finnish experts KNOCK the most real picture about a situation in Fukushima. It has reminded that KNOCK, in particular, has sent to Japan specialised scientifically - to research institute a situation assessment on the Japanese atomic power station.

According to Laaksonena, KNOCK has the most advanced knowledge in area reaktornoj physics. At the same time he has underlined that in many countries of the world after 1970 - h years at all were not engaged reaktornoj in physics.

Laaksonen is assured that the operator of the atomic power station « Fukushima » the company « Tepko » knows, where there is a source of leak of radiation. However in Japan for information transfer politicians respond, therefore the company passed the deformed data.

Making comments on messages on increase of level of radiation in sea water, Laaksonen notices that would be even worse, if radioactive substances got not to the sea, and in atmosphere. Then Japan would be threatened with radioactive deposits. In sea water radioactive substances quickly break up, and in couple of months radiation level in water will be normal. The Japanese party informed that radiation level in sea water exceeds norm in 1850 times, but it is not threat to health of people.