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All Izhevsk schools have closed on quarantine

- At us for a week vacation has prolonged! - with such shouts pupils left today school.

Leaving the first day for study, pupils of all schools of Izhevsk have been pleased by the message on prolongation of vacation for a week. Here only an occasion a bit frightening - epidemic ORVI and a flu.

- From November, 11 till November, 14th all educational institutions of a city are closed on quarantine, - Valerii Shljafer, the Head of department of education of Izhevsk tells. - we hope that it will help to reduce distribution ORVI and a seasonal flu.

And while quarantine will last, Management of education of Administration of Izhevsk recommended to all directors of schools not to carry out mass actions. And to all kindergartens - to watch children and at first signs ORVI to inform parents.


And At this time

Izhevchane buy up in medicine and mask drugstores


In all drugstores of Izhevsk huge turns were built: townspeople are bought by medicines against a flu and preparations which raise immune system. Pharmacists do not cope with quantity of buyers, for cash registers rise even managing drugstores.

  - Demand on protivogrippoznye means has strongly raised, - Svetlana Ahunova managing a drugstore " tells; Farmmarket on Timirjazeva. - I do not understand, to tell the truth, with what it is connected. Probably, again have inflated the information on epidemic.

Izhevchane buy up arbidol, lavomaks, ameksin. In the old manner many take oksolinovuju ointment and anaferon. About expensive preparations from a pork flu ask seldom, prefer to buy usual means from disease habitual by all. And some steels even for work to go in gauze bandages not to catch.

  - Respiratory masks have snatched away, as hot pies! - Svetlana Aleksandrovna is surprised. - However, them would buy much more, but they have ended in all drugstores.

Many townspeople have noticed that the prices on " were rose; protivogrippoznye medicines. For example, all the acquaintance arbidol still couple of months cost 150 roubles back, and now in some drugstores it sell for 280 roubles (!) . Unfortunately, anybody from workers of drugstores has not commented on this fact.  



the Panic around pork a flu it is strummed

Olga Kizhvatova, the doctor - infektsionist GUZ Republican clinical infectious hospital

- I consider that a panic around pork Flu it is strummed. If to believe mass-media and to count up, having analysed all situation: lethal exods from pork absolutely not above, than from the seasonal. It is not necessary to panic, but here it is necessary to accept preventive measures both from usual, and from pork a flu, and from ORVI. From simple is a garlic, an onion, be masked. Not time to think of conveniences. Do not hesitate - run after to the baby garlic. Before an exit on street, in a mass congestion of people drip in a nose of Poludan or smear oksolinovoj with ointment - they detain hit of viruses in an organism, raise immunity. It is possible to accept Arbidol, Anaferon and is desirable is long, in all epidemic. Also it is not necessary to do vaccination in mass disease ORVI and a flu as antibodies will be developed only in two weeks, and before the organism will not be ready to a meeting with a virus. And if have already made, refrain from trips to public transport, do not try to go there where it is a lot of people. Kiddies let are at home is better.




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