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For death of the patient the surgeon from Nizhneudinsk has received year conditionally

Year conditionally for destruction of the patient on an operational table Natalia Smirnova (the surname is changed for ethical reasons) from Nizhneudinsk has received the surgeon. In court it has been proved: a sick pneumonia has died from - that the doctor has hurt to it a liver and not at once it has understood. As a result of 26 - summer Alexey Chubakov has bled to death.

- Alexey Chubakova have brought to hospital from a rural ambulance station of village of Top with the link sided pneumonia complicated by a pleurisy. Our doctors rescued it as could, but the status of the guy worsened with each hour. Soon it has appeared in resuscitation, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of Nizhneudinsk Elena Pakileva tells.

Alexey needed to make urgently a diagnostic puncture - a thorax puncture. The surgeon should enter very precisely a needle between edges. But she was mistaken and has stuck a little obliquely. The needle has got to a liver. The doctor of it has not understood.

- Trials concerning Alexey`s destruction year lasted. I was not receded from the: is impossible this business so to leave. How it is liver to pierce and not to notice? - Alexey Irina`s wife is indignant. - yes, the hand has trembled. But it is a hand of the surgeon, and such should not be. Though it is pure on - chelovecheski the doctor it is a pity to me, certainly. It already very elderly person, 70 years. Also it is visible that worries. It for this case have very seriously punished.
after death of the husband Irina with children have moved to live to mother. To nurture children the sister and the brother of the husband and its relatives help.

In Nizhneudinsk to this history which has occurred one year ago, in July, 2008, concern on - to a miscellaneous. On the one hand, it is a pity Alexey - young absolutely. On the other hand, the doctor too it is a pity - it works 50 years in local hospital, all treated. And while there were trials, 70 - the summer surgeon almost daily did operations.
on a sentence of its court should discharge of work.


the Assistant to the head physician Nizhneudinsk TSRB Love SHIPITSYNA:
For this doctor punishment year conditionally cruel

- Natalia Sergeevna during trials came back every day from the inspector and went on operation. It the skilled surgeon, and does not suffice such doctors... Everything that has occurred, for it very big trauma. Believe, she very much worries. And we try to support it, once again not to injure. Yes, there was a great grief - the young man was lost. It is a pity it very much and his family too. Our doctors fairly tried to rescue Alexey - it has not turned out. As to office check, everything that is necessary in case of state of emergency, we have made to court. We consider that such punishment, as year conditionally, for Natalia Sergeevny very rigid.