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Guitarist Frensis Goya: « I thought that Siberia is a huge snow wilderness »

In target inhabitants of Irkutsk have visited on performance of the well-known Belgian guitarist - virtuoso Frensisa Goji. The musician arrived to Irkutsk all at some o`clock.

- Frensis - the real hero and the enthusiast, - admires the guitarist the organizer of tours Vladimir Demchikov. - From the airport, doing not call in in hostel, has gone on rehearsal, has given a concert and has departed to the Far East at late night. Thus he has not had time to change clothes and eat at all... Represent, what mad schedule?

Despite weariness, before a concert of Frensis has responded to some questions Thus 62 - the summer musician looked very vigorous and as all Europeans, affably to us smiled.

- I had to go on different Russian cities. There was I both in Moscow, and in St.-Petersburg, both in Ekaterinburg, and in Rostov. But so has far got for the first time, - Frensis has shared with us. - When has learnt that I will go to Siberia, at once has imagined huge snow wilderness, a taiga, bears... Also was not mistaken almost! From the plane I observed about such landscape. Though your city has seemed to me quite modern and civilised.

Frensis admitted to us that loves Russia, especially creativity of Russian musicians and composers: Rakhmaninov, Pahmutovoj, Tchaikovsky. In our city the guitarist has executed both a jazz, and a blues, and compositions from different films, including from a sensational film Fish - a sword .