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In Omsk inhabitants of the deluged houses hardly did not suit self-court to the customer of works

- At first we at all have not understood that has occurred, - the inhabitant of the house ¹ 45ą along the street Vanguard Elena Kuzljakina speaks. - Under a floor water began to accumulate. We have looked out on street - and there the present deluge!

Failure has happened on Friday evening. From - for a pipe impulse huge water stream has fallen upon a private sector. It accumulated under a floor, and in one of houses has deluged even rooms.  

- At us now the entrance door is not closed - razmokla! - Elena Vasilevna continues. - And to someone from a family it is necessary to be constant at home!

Similar problems now at many inhabitants. To pump out water, some cars with tanks were required. And then workers have started pipe repair.

But the main misfortune has happened through a pair of clocks after failure. Water has frozen - and in streets ice has begun.  

the Customer of works Zhavarov tried to explain that it in what it is not guilty.
a photo: Oleg KURDJAEV

- Now it is not necessary to fill in a skating rink! - Evgenie Kuzljakin gloomily jokes, doing the next wave by a shovel.

Ice around so many that will suffice on some hockey boxes. To reach the houses and not to slip, people should keep for fences or trees. Inhabitants sand street.  

Mashina Baurzhana Matenova has tightly frozen to the earth. The salon " has become covered by ice even; the seven “. To neighbour Baurzhana has carried less: Trying to get out the legkovushku of an ice captivity, the man has burnt the engine. Car wheels have frozen so that “ the nine “ could not drive metre!
George Kopylov had to bear on hands the 5 - the summer son from the car to the house that the child has not wetted a foot and has not caught a cold. Having slipped, the man has fallen and has broken to itself a foot. In plaster it should spend some weeks.

Night to inhabitants should be whiled away in the frozen houses, and after all at many small children!  

the Street has turned to a skating rink.
a photo: Oleg KURDJAEV

Works were conducted by employees of Joint-Stock Company “ transneftegazstroj “ . But people blame in all the local resident on a surname Zhavarov - directors of fellowship “ Amur “. It also has acted as the customer of works. According to inhabitants, in due time Zhavarov has suggested them to spend gas. Many have refused, but the man has employed a brigade - and works have begun. According to victims, a pipe has broken through from - for misoperations on gas carrying out. Probably, the dredge has hooked on a pipe a ladle.

- in the Summer at us along the street on a broader scale it was impossible to drive - all has been rummaged! - inhabitants are indignant with chorus. - around a dirt. And now here a pipe has broken through! And all from - for it! It scoffs at us! We demanded, that it has shown us the documents resolving repair work, but it has not made it! Means, there are no they at it!


Click to look still at a photo from deluge consequences
the Photo: Oleg KURDJAEV

the Originator has arrived into place next day. Inhabitants took at once the man in a dense ring.

- Pay to us a damage! We to you to spend the night we will go with the children, and you in our houses live! - it was distributed from different directions.

- Yes I am not guilty! Why you on me have snatched?! - In the answer the man was surprised.

In an impulse of emotions one of inhabitants   has seized it by a jacket. ZHavarov has escaped and has taken to the heels. The crowd has rushed behind it. But the fugitive has dropped in in the car and has closed doors from within.

- You where it have gathered?! - Inhabitants shouted.

Zhavarov has tried to leave from a place, but women have partitioned off road. At this time one man tried to open a door legkovushki to pull out the originator outside. The militiamen who have arrived into place who have set him in office " have rescued From self-court from suffered Zhavarova; bobik “.


it is possible, the misfortune has happened from - for pipe repair.
a photo: Oleg KURDJAEV

- the Reasons happened - unapproved ground works which were spent at gas pipeline carrying out, - has explained to us the head of department on affairs of GO CHS of a city administration Sergey Kujanov. - The organisation has not presented any documents resolving works on gasification in this place. Most likely, inhabitants will submit claims about damage compensation.

Ice has sufficed on some hockey boxes.
a photo: Oleg KURDJAEV

the Contractor with such opinion does not agree.

- the Impulse has occurred from - for decay of a pipe, - the director " speaks; transneftegazstroja “ Vitaly Gertsev. - We are not going to bear responsibility that communications have appeared worn out. All necessary permissions to work on gasification are available for us.

the Deluge on Vanguard


the Originator of a deluge in the street Vanguard


the Deluge in the street Vanguard! Look still a photo!