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Semenovich in Irkutsk went on massage and read books

in the Afternoon in our city of Anja in vain to time did not lose. eks - the figure skater after a breakfast has gone to one of the best salons of Irkutsk. Also has spent in it some hours.

- That you there did? - We have asked it before performance.

- Weakening massage, - has given up as a bad job Anna. - I always try to have a rest after the plane, to sleep. After day massage on a broader scale as if anew on light was born.
into a make-up room of Semenovich has entered in a black fitting suit which favourably underlined all advantages of its figure.

- From - for performances it was not possible to look at a match. I after all the former sportswoman and such events try not to pass, - Anja has complained and has there and then added: - But, of course, for me the main thing - most to act on all hundred.

- Anja, you so look well. In what a secret? Probably, on diets sit? - Journalists were not kept from a question.

- Is not present, simply I try to eat correctly and on a broader scale is less, - Semenovich has responded. - And more to get enough sleep.

- In marriage do not gather?

- Is not present. Where to find the man who will suffer me? - The star parried.
- it is possible to wait for the prince all life, and the muzhik is necessary every day, - someone has joked.
Anja has estimated a joke and has lovely begun to smile.

- I am not going to jump out for the first comer, - she has declared. - now I am engaged in own career, I am perfected, I read much... Today in hostel, for example, read Frantsa Kafka`s products.

Semenovich in Irkutsk went on massage and read books.
a photo: Darya STREKALOVSKY