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Glenn Miller`s orchestra has brought to Irkutsk two thousand gauze bandages

Irkutsk organizers of tours complain that from - for fearings to pick up a new virus of a flu townspeople began to go less on concerts. Even worse a situation in Chita and the Uhlan - Ude. There cultural actions I try not to visit at all.

- Has decided that is necessary as - that to leave from a situation, - has told the organizer of tours Oleg Akimov. - Differently and to go bankrupt not for long. Now at concerts will distribute free of charge masks against a flu.

But, it has appeared that at us a mask in deficiency. To secure itself, inhabitants of Irkutsk buy up them hardly probable not packs.

- I have found a way out and have communicated with capital organizers who carried to us Glenn Miller`s well-known orchestra, - Oleg Akimov continues, - and has reserved in them a full lot of masks.

So together with equipment the well-known musicians have brought to our city bags with bandages - all 2 thousand pieces.

- Good fellows, musicians that have decided to help me, - Oleg Akimov adds. - On them is that a concert many tickets have not sold. I hope that free bandages will reduce at spectators fear to catch a pork flu.