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3 years strogacha the deputy of the State Council of Udmurtiya has received for extortion

Almost two years it was required to a consequence and court, at last, to announce a sentence on Dmitry Zhelnina`s business, the deputy of the State Council Ur, the founder   newspapers absolutely particularly and Kopeck . Even last hearing for not clear reasons was postponed since September.

we Will remind that loud scandal has occurred to detention of the publisher in March, 2008. Handcuffs it were put on by employees of Management of FSB of Russia   across Udmurtiya. Charge have shown under article 163 of the criminal code of Russian Federation extortion . By the way, even they had to work not one month to type the compromising evidence on so significant person in Izhevsk.

And all has begun that to them in December the director of firm of Open Company " was converted; Talan and he has declared that Zhelnin extorts from it 150 thousand dollars ceasing to write mucks about its commercial activity. But it has already given a part of money (90 thousand dollars have been passed on November, 2nd, 2007 in Moscow to the unknown person). - 60 thousand - it has brought the second part already under FSB supervision.

Business managed to be raised in February, 2008, but witnesses began to complain that Zhelnin presses on them and demands to change indications. Then in the middle of March the court has sent it to wait for a sentence in a pre-trial detention centre. At last, 9   November of this year the judge has announced a verdict - 3 years of imprisonment, with serving in a high security colony.

However, the sentence has not entered validity yet - Dmitry Zhelnina`s lawyers can appeal against against it.

But as it seemed present on court, Zhelinin has almost reconciled to destiny and is ready to stay the remained term - remains - that less than half.