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Fans of a freebie have crushed Paris

the Freebie as it is a lot of in this word for Russian heart has merged Remember, how couple of weeks back shop in Kolomna situated near Moscow was captivated by hordes of the half-naked buyers thrusting in pants and brassieres of a mount of free products? (See from November, 4th Devastate counters, the goods having thrust in swimming trunks! ) All country was ashamed for fans of a freebie. But is not present, as practice has shown, this human weakness is not alien and civil to Europeans. Thanks to loud advertising actions during week-end the shame was endured at once by two European powers.

In France the Internet - company Rentabiliweb has promised to the population advertising leaflets with a money inside. Planned to distribute 40 thousand euro. The Parisians inspired with hope began to be flown down to Tour d`Eiffel with sunrise. When the number of fans of a freebie has passed for 7 thousand the souls, the scared police has strictly forbidden a grief - to PR managers to throw money in weights.

the Enraged Frenchmen have decided to break harm on neighbouring shops, cars and stalls. The most active (mainly from the suburbs of Paris occupied by migrants) have already traditionally unburdened the heart on policemen, having thrown guards than popadja. As a result ten rebels have appeared behind a lattice, and the company has declared that will direct not demanded money for philanthropy.

Has got these days and to Birmingham: on Saturday here passed free mega - a concert on the occasion of ignition of Christmas candles with participation Sugababes, JLS and other stars. Thanks to powerful advertising to look at action were flew down instead of expected 5 thousand whole 25. In warmed up to crowd such mad crush has begun songs and alcohol that the concert should be cancelled.

And in Birmingham - trampled down each other. A photo: dailymail. co. uk    

As a result of 60   The unfortunate were traumatised, four from them remain on hospital cots still for a long time. Organizers are threatened now with serious trials.