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The bus will stop only on the equipped platform

Why have cleaned a stop the Mother-in-law`s beam on a bus route Volgograd - Zhirnovsk and back? Earlier there always stopped, took water from a spring, and now do a stop near any motel, where even a toilet paid.

                                                                                                                                                          Sergey Viktorovich, Volgograd.


As has explained the deputy chief of department of transport and communications Vladimir Medvedev, a bus stop near the Mother-in-law`s beam contradicts safety requirements on road. Besides this place does not correspond to the technical requirements applied to bus stops. That is not present even a pocket for arrival and stopping and an airfield. Bus drivers should cross a continuous lane and to subject to risk life of passengers. And at movement in the opposite direction there very abrupt descent from a mount. Proceeding from it, traffic police bodies have forbidden drivers of passenger transport to do a stop in this place.