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“ Black Boxes “ broken THEY be 142 on - former are not found

As have given in service of the information and public relations TOF, despite difficult meteoconditions, forces of the ships of Pacific fleet, civil courts and aircraft proceed   search actions in the most probable place a crash of airplane THAT is 142Μ3. They are spent in a round-the-clock mode.

To the place of wreck of the plane a salvage ship “ Alagez “ has arrived in time, despite adverse meteoconditions. On its board there are special deep-water remotely piloted vehicles   “ Tajger “ “ the Review - 600 “ and “ the Review - 150 “ the manned submersible the EXPERT - 30, and also the newest poiskovo - obsledovatelsky a complex “ the Squid “ they allow to increase considerably scale and efficiency of diving works on search of fragments of the plane. The crew of a leader of saving forces of Pacific fleet includes the command of specially prepared divers, capable to spend necessary works on depths to 200 metres.

Now on a scene the long-distance uninhabited submersible " works; Tajger “ which conducts detailed video research of objects reminding fuselage fragments. Possibilities of available submersibles allow to find out objects by means of hydrolocators and visually to pass to a vessel - the carrier their image.

On - former in search time the special attention is given by rescuers to detection of airborne recorders (so-called “ black boxes “) .   Ability of these devices,   to store the information during influence of various excited environments including salty sea water, long time is saved.

Detection and research of recorders THAT is 142ΜΗ experts of the Minister of Defence of Russia, will allow to establish the true reasons of the given incident.

we Will remind that on November, 6th 2009 THEY be 142 MZ carried out training flight according to the combat training plan. At the flight closing stage over water area of Tatar strait, in 21. 19, communication with crew has interrupted, and the plane mark has disappeared from screens of land radar stations. Onboard there were 11 crewmen, all of them lived in Khabarovsk territory.