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Brothers of Safronovy: On to Fight of psychics there are really inexplicable things

On Friday, 13 - go, in Barnaul illusionists brothers of Safronovy acted. We have found Sergey, Andrey and Ilya when they with own hand established all equipment necessary for show on a scene of the Altay regional drama theatre.

- We have brought a five-ton waggon of a requisite. All devices for focuses we do by the hands, therefore they are unique, - with pride Sergey Safronov when we made the way to a make-up room through a large quantity of various mirrors, supports and boxes told. - that all to establish, we have asked organizers to clear a scene of a theatrical requisite completely. And still to be reserved as it is possible a considerable quantity of illuminations: they are simply necessary for us for show statement!

When we were arranged in a make-up room, children with pleasure have started to tell about Barnaul.

- The matter is that one of our actors comes from Barnaul, therefore he has invited us to itself(himself) home, has shown round a city, - Safronovy have shared. - in general, we from your city lost in admiration and necessarily will arrive here once again, but is already simple on a visit, instead of on work. Though we very much love in what we are engaged.

All three brothers single also are in searches of the significant other...
a photo: Oleg WAYS

- Yes, your work usual precisely you will not name. And there is at you a trick as which you consider as the higher pilotage?

- Is not present, such is not present. We love all numbers, as children because very long we work on them, several times we alter a requisite. And each our show to us is very expensive, - without meditations Safronovy have responded. - In Barnaul we will show very much a dangerous trick with which we want to get to the Guinness Book of Records: clearing of the person from a strait jacket. If our mum has learnt that we execute it, very much would be upset. The matter is that during this trick it is possible to break a backbone easily.

But if for the usual person this miracle, for children - daily work. And here on - to the present brothers have felt a miracle in the childhood in New year.

- Us have put a little in the evening to have a sleep, to wake before peal of bells, - with a smile children remember. - but parents have regretted us and did not begin to awake. Therefore when in the morning we have seen gifts under a fur-tree really thought that for us they were left by Father Frost.

And here that occurs on To fight of psychics brothers of Safronovy consider as mysticism.

- On to Fight really there are inexplicable things, - brothers of Safronovy have shared. - Well how to explain, for example, that Lilija Hegaj has felt that with the guy from a film crew there will be a misfortune, and asked it to be very accurate all the day long. Evening of the guy have found with the broken skull, but it, fortunately, remained is live.

At last we have asked children to tell that they love also what a hobby at them in usual, not magic lives.

For children a miracle - daily work
the Photo: Oleg of WAYS

- Ilya at us always tells truth, loves expensive cars, beautiful girls and the noisy companies. Andrey modest, is never happy with the work even if it is made well, - has handed over brothers Sergey.

After such those with pleasure have told and about it:

- And Serega at us the dreamer, appreciates good cinema, clever books and likes to strike up new acquaintances.

By the way, on a note to girls: all three brothers single also are in searches of the significant other.