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Basketball players capital « the Dynamo » have arranged fight in Krasnodar

Basketball fight between Krasnodar the Locomotive and Moscow the Dynamo has ended natural mordoboem. After a heavy match in which kubantsy have prevailed against visitors with the bill 94:91 fight between capital sportsmen and protection was fastened. Has got also to the arbitrator. Muscovites after fight sat in militia and wrote explanatory notes.

- After a final whistle, I have gone to a judicial little table. I was dissatisfied with work of the arbitrator and simply wanted to be voiced, - one of participants " has told; fisticuffs the captain of Russian national team and the Dynamo forward Sergey Monja, - But has not had time to open I companies as someone has pushed me in a back. Well I have responded. Protection here has jumped up, fight has begun. On a platform all players, a trainer`s staff have run out, as a result of all the militia separated. When we have left in a locker room, to us have told to write the explanatory. Well, all have written, how there was a business. Then us have released.

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the Management the Dynamo has submitted the protest on match refereeing. Five players of the Moscow club have finished game, having received five personal remarks.

the Head coach Krasnodar the Locomotive Sasho Filipovski considers refereeing quite fair.

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- At each trainer the vision of a situation and everyone considers that the rights its command. We and have missed today many chances. The vivid example - 4 not hammered penal last minutes the basic time, has twice missed Savenkov and twice - Joksimovich. Game was nervous and strained. I want to congratulate the children on victory. Especially I want to note Chapina, he is the present captain and the leader of the command, - he has declared.

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