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Sergey Svetlakov: More ridiculously, than life, happens nothing

On Friday 13 - go, our edition was visited by the former KVN - shchik, and nowadays the leader of the program prozhektorperishiltnon nasjalnika from show Ours Russia and the protagonist of the program Southern Butovo Sergey Svetlakov. In spite of the fact that many consider this date unhappy, Sergey was not afraid silly superstitions and this day has opened in Volgograd in shopping centre the Pyramid firm shop of author`s gifts from Svetlakova and Isaeva.

after the red ribbon has been cut, the film star has communicated to journalists and readers.


- Hallo, hello! Tell, please, that with transfer Southern Butovo? A leah will be continuation?

-   And you like it?

- Yes, I adore it, and you too!

- Oh, thanks big! I can then you to please. The management of the First Channel has reserved 12 more programs. In the end of November there will be shootings, and since December each two weeks it will go on the air.

- And prozhektorperishilton will not suffer? You will not leave therefrom?

- Is not present, these are the things not connected among themselves.

- And you for a long time in Volgograd?

- See you tomorrow.

- And in what occasion have arrived?

- In your city at me the firm gift shop for all tastes has opened. And, the main thing that they not whence - that of China or Moscow brought. They are thought up by me and my friend on KVN Sergey Isaevym, made by several masters of ours the Workshop of good mood . Come, something will choose to itself for the nearest feast. Or simply will cheer itself up, looking at our goods.

- Why have chosen this time for opening? Because new Year soon?

is depended on local children with whom we co-operate more. There was a long process of merge to commercial groups, people. So simply it was impossible to send here gifts. To me it is important, who will be engaged in it, after all this my person. I for years create mood at people, and I do not want it to spoil anything. Besides it is not the main commercial component of my pocket. It is more hobby, but in the future prospect I hope that this business can for the daughter be presented as business. While it is simple to me interesting and as - that diversified my creative life. I kajfuju, thinking out gifts. A notch I go in the car, there is any idea, I there and then describe to its masters, and in the evening to me send a photo of a ready gift.

- Thanks, Sergey! Good luck to you!


- Sergey, I heard, what you besides shop still are going to open a network of drugstores?

- Well, meanwhile it still vilami on water I simply for the present study this business. I on a broader scale on a speciality - the economist, here also think, where still the profitability to apply. What exactly it will be, it is not known yet. When will come true, then learn all.


- And tell, what Serezha Svetlakov in the childhood was? The turncoat, the blockhead, or such approximate boy?

- I was the blockhead.

- In militia took away you?

- Fortunately, I very quickly ran. I went in for sports, and consequently the militia many times caught up with me, but has never caught up. But precedents were. We had an Ekaterinburg domestic company. We ran on parks, vegetable bases and the thrown warehouses.

- And further as your way to success developed?

- At the first year, after day of the first-year student we with children have formed the student`s team of KVN. Played at first abominationly, badly. Any experience and things of which we even were proud then began to appear. Then " command; the Ural pelmeni which then played to the Higher league, offered cooperation, asked any our numbers, then asked to appear on stage. Through any time I have moved to the command definitively.

- Sergey, not seems to you, what now became known where - that those have made the way KVNshchiki with which you played at one time? Probably, it were gold years of KVN. All remember " commands; UPI Children of lieutenant Schmidt Sochi, Peter, the District city . Now is not present such

- Can it is simple tastes have changed. I the person, which ukushan KVNom on all life. I KVN look till now, and for me in each season there is a command for which I am ill. Perhaps simply it has lost any mass character. Such now is not present that every day people on work exchange jokes which heard in the last KVNe.

- Perhaps they became not ridiculous?

- Yes is not present, I do not think. Simply so the world has changed around, and so there was much everything, and humour including. That globalisation with completely open world, with the Internet, all it rassosalo people a little bit every which way has come. I would not tell that any changes in KVNe, changes is simple in a society have occurred. As every year there were any ridiculous numbers and jokes, and appear. Simply when I played, I too madly liked these legendary commands. I name it hit during time. And if today`s any commands have got in those days, and would be urged for those subjects to joke, this talented youth too would become well-known.

- It turns out, earlier simply alternatives KVNu, except the Notice   was not?

- Basically, yes. Was not neither a choice, nor the information, all turned round pair television programs, and the sensation of freedom came only from several sources. Now it is all well and openly, and in KVN it became much heavier to play.

to Think up a joke which will be interesting and 14 - to the summer teenager and 70 - the summer grandmother,   now it is very difficult. Joke about party earlier, and all will understand.


In Volgograd Svetlakov has opened the gift shop. Also has there and then shown as to apply the most running. It is more than photo here.
the Photo: Gennady BISENOV


- Hallo! Sergey Svetlakova can be heard?

is I, hello!

- My name is too Sergey, I your namesake, in - the first. And in - the second, at me today birthday. Knowing your perfect sense of humour, it would be desirable, if it is not so immodest, to ask you to congratulate me as - nibud in an original way

- Give I you I will congratulate in language of a planet a planetarium: (further untranslatable folklore).

- Nasjalnika!

- Has learnt? Good luck to you, and there are more than good deeds!

- Thanks, and to you good begin, interesting programs!


- Hello, I would like to communicate to Sergey Svetlakovym!

- I listen to you, hello!

- a leah Often you talk to the TV?

- Well, eight times a week if the concrete answer is necessary. And on a broader scale at us in the country any habit to talk to subjects. I saw recently the person, which drunk stood and to a column talked. And people passed, and thought that it on a broader scale is normal. I have answered your question?

- Yes, thanks!


- Sergey,   the First channel and TNT for you do not fight?

- Now also STS has appeared. There show the Ural pelmeni leaves. I in this plan the happy person. At me it turns out as - that correctly to agree. I started to work on the First channel long time was a script writer in department spetsproektov in a press - service of the general director. Was us 7 - 8 persons, all natives of KVN of different age. And us as authors with Simeon Slepakovym have invited there, we wrote different programs, among which New Year`s musical films. And in parallel we with Simeon and Garik Martirosjanom thought out the project which was Ours Russia . The contract with the First At me was on authorship, and with TNT already on the person. These two channels are for me native, roots at me both there, and there. And as to STS probably, to me too has carried that the Ural pelmeni have reached the television screen. This show exists for a long time in Ekaterinburg, and now it left also for city frameworks, all over the country. It has a spectator, mass enough. I there take part in each program and I think that we will be and to co-operate further.


- Hallo hello Sergey. My name is Tatyana, at me such question to you. It stirs me and all my friends who love show with your participation. prozhektorperishilton there is under the scenario, at least on approximate, a leah this improvisation at its finest?

- I Will open a small secret. A day before an aether we gather with children and we discuss, on what subjects we will joke that in this subject is ridiculous. All of us - taki plan any skeleton of the program. But happens very often that behind a table the subject about which we did not agree, and to the contrary emerges, we do not use any subjects. The majority of jokes is born behind a table.

- a leah Correctly I understand that so to joke, how you, it is necessary not only to have special sense of humour, but also certain intelligence?

is a question, probably, not to me. I cannot be a criterion of own jokes. If you consider that my jokes are intellectual, this your opinion, I only am glad to it.

- I and believed that you modest enough person. Thanks for the answer!


- Hallo! Hello! Sergey, it you?

- Yes, hello!

- Oh, what happiness!

- you look, more accurately there, and that the hair dryer now will fall in a bath.

- Oh, no, I not in a bathroom, am simply very glad that have phoned!

- you wanted to set any question or simply to phone?

- I had any question, but I have lost thought .

- Well, you as - nibud gather.

- Yes, I wanted to ask about a film. Heard that soon there is a film Ours Russia .

- on January, 21st leaves on screens.

- a leah it Will strongly differ that we saw on TNT ?

-   These are absolutely different things. As to the television project it is small sketches, three-minute,   and the film is a work of art with the beginning, an outset, the end. Dramatic art of integral product. You come to a cinema and look the whole history about those heroes whom you love. There are many cine moments - crossing of characters which I play one. Plus all characters open on the other hand - it get to other situations, this big adventure of heroes in the city of Moscow. It not simply comedy, there is a lot of genres. Is both empathy to heroes, and a resentment for any inequality in a society and so on. There is an action.

- Than shootings were remembered?

- we had mad shootings - races on motorcycles. There were scenes where I am insolent to Mishu on one hand on one of the Moscow bridges. We is absolutely serious to it prepared - from Hollywood there came the stuntman, we did many tricks. Therefore for us it is the following step of development of the project Ours Russia . It is the first our such experience, and very much it was pleasant to me.

- In other genres of a cinema it not wanted to act in film after that?

- Three years ago I already acted in film in a feature film, it is called the Crash . We play to steam together with Alexey Panin. At me a role of the soldier. This film becomes three years, and as I know, next year it leaves on screens. I already even have forgotten, about what it. For these three years so all has changed. But it was the first experience during which time I so have technically become skilled on a set.

- And offers from directors arrive?

- offers constantly Arrive. Every month is. For last year - one and a half order of 15 offers serious was, and in half from them offered leading roles. I from all offers refused for various reasons, but in 95 % of cases is a scenario.

- All - taki not from - for shortages of time?

- Is not present, business not in time and not in money. Principal causes - or at all the scenario, or a role which offer is not pleasant. It would not be desirable to repeat and play the foreman of a building brigade only from - that this cinema. Sometimes even offer space money, but the scenario such bad, it would not be desirable what simply to be dishonoured. These films leave, I them saw,   but still never I have regretted that have not acted in film in them.

- And you would not refuse what role?

- it is clear that any comedian wants to play in a drama. Because the humour suffices in life, and I would like to play a tragical role of the difficult, modern person. There are offers, are now considered, something can and will occur. It is necessary to test. I do not know the frameworks in this plan, can, at me and it will not turn out.


the CAR At me is, And the RIGHTS are not present

Sergey, I heard that you became recently the father. How much now to your daughter?

- Today 13 - e? Yesterday 11 months were executed.  

- It already the joker? Daddy`s talents has adopted?

- It while mad egoza. She likes to laugh. Every day, with each week it is visible that it has a sensibleness in eyes, in acts.

- the First steps has already made?

Yes, it already goes. Runs on the house, having lifted hands upwards.

- At you the wife with it sits, or the nurse is?

- Both the wife, and the nurse is. Our grandmothers and grandfathers live far, my parents in Ural Mountains, parents of the wife in the Kirov region. Happen at us arrivals, come on a visit. As there are no assistants in a city, we one in Moscow, we are helped by the nurse.

- And the wife till a birth of the daughter than was engaged? How you have got acquainted with it?

- It worked the same as also I, on the railway.   I to television too there worked, in customs department, was engaged in tax declarations. Boring enough such employment, but by a trade. It too has finished building faculty of institute of ways and messages, was engaged then in building of bridges. And we have got acquainted with it at institute, already on 2 - m a course. In This year there will be 12 years, as we together.  

- you very occupied the person. It is possible to find time for a family, to nurse with a daughter?

- I Try to spend as far as possible as much as possible time together with a family. Sometimes all the day I devote to them, and to the nurse we give the day off. And so the daughter with us while sleeps, therefore also at night we communicate, we are in the dark thrown by notes (laughs).


- Good afternoon, Sergey! Katerina call me. Tell, and you are fond of any sports? On skis, for example, go for a drive?

- I have devoted nine years of the life to a handball. The candidate for the master of sports. After that life, thank God, has turned aside a colloquial genre, after a large quantity of the got traumas.

- And the car at you is? You the legislative driver?

- I do not have rights, but there is a car. I feel more comfortably, sitting behind. Therefore I go with the driver who became in due course my assistant in many affairs. It to me allows to have a rest a little bit, moving from work to work, and something to think up at this time, for shop or to teach the text.

- With the laptop sit?

- Happens to the laptop, but more often with the handle and a piece of paper, it is more habitual.

- On the screen your heroes get often to comical situations. And from the life something similar can remember?

- I remember one case when I last time have very strongly laughed. It was about one month back. I rent a summer residence in Moscow suburbs. As - that lay, rolled on a grass. The Earth still warm was. I look at the sky, I turn and I see that near to me the mole gets out. Literally in metre from me. Such mole, as in an animated cartoon the Mole and the transistor . Such shnjaga sticks out, as the submarine. I have simply imagined, if it has occurred in mete in my party, under me. The diagonal - that has been guessed, directly in the middle of me.     it was last moment when to me it was ridiculous. I cannot listen to jokes. When the person starts to tell jokes, I simply leave. Me as a rasp on a wart. To me to look at birds more ridiculously, or simply to stop in the car and to look at people. It is so much nonsense and humour us surrounds, what for to think out something in the form of jokes and monologues. More ridiculously, than life, simply happens nothing.


P. S.

- Sergey to whom we will give a gift for the best question?

- the Joyful girl whom I said that at it the hair dryer in a bath will fall. Let comes to edition behind a gift.