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In Tyve the schoolgirl wounded by the militiaman have discharged from hospital

- Ajlanmaju at last - that have discharged from hospital, now it is at home, together with the family

Natalia Semdash, the director tyvinskoj schools, waits, while its schoolgirl will return to a class.

we Will remind, on October, 24th ensign Borak - ool Bair one bullet has wounded at once two teenagers. GIBDDshniku it seemed that driving old the Zhiguli 17 - the summer guy is drunk, and tries to get the weapon. The militiaman has shot, and a bullet, having passed through a neck Ah - Mergen Anzata, has wounded also sitting on forward sitting of the car the girl. Ah - Mergen has died in some days. Its schoolmate Ajlanmaa almost has lain two weeks in hospital. At last the girl have released home.

- Her mother and all relatives with great difficulty means nasobirali on treatment, at them the big family, is a lot of children, there is no father, - Natalia Semdash tells. - Well still, to it with money have helped from the Ministry of Education.

If all will be good, Ajlanmaa next week will come to school. While she sits with younger brothers.

According to teachers and acquaintances, the girl cannot come to the senses till now after happened, death of the schoolmate. Once again nobody tries to remind of it to it. The only thing, Ajlanmae should answer questions of investigators:

- To it to hospital there came inspectors, - the director speaks. - also home will arrive. It is such stress for the girl

In the meantime, investigatory committees Tyvy are continued by trial on business. There speak: results of internal militian check on which the ensign shooting at teenagers ostensibly the law has not broken, in no way investigation does not influence.