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The soloist « the Mirage » has bought new apartment

to Improve the living conditions, despite storming financial crisis, has solved   the soloist   groups the Mirage Natalia Gulkina. The singer has driven recently in the new Moscow apartment.

- is primary we with a daughter lived in the same area at mum. And when Yana has gone to the first class in local school, own new   I have decided to search for apartment nearby. Has stopped the choice on ordinary apartment in the usual house. Modestly, but it is cosy, - has told the soloist the Mirage . - I have thought up design of interiors, all have designed,   we have made good repair.   rather nice flat Has turned out. Kitchen at us in salatovyh colours,   with white varnish set. One wall, truth beige. We have made a floor with heating that the daughter and could run barefoot in the winter. A premise bright enough. In dol walls there there is a bar counter. I have glued it mirrors, have hung up from top to down regiments. There now there are any beautiful bottles with liquors. From Amsterdam   has brought very beautiful hours in the form of ladles and plugs. Visitors always admire them. In Moscow of hours of similar beauty I did not meet.

As to   a bathroom,   that at me the combined bathroom. Its design is executed in classical style, walls are laid out by a snow-white tile. Floors in a bathroom dark, nacreous with silver proveins. Besides, I have decided to make a mirror ceiling in this room. We have put the big bath,   the daughter very much loves a jacuzzi.

the Corridor at us in silvery colour scale, and at an input it is established   such big   grandiose   a theatrical mirror, with bulbs on perimetre,   that all who comes to me on a visit at once felt that have appeared in apartment of the actor. In a children`s room reign pink tone,   Many any elements in the form of angels. Besides, we with a daughter collect glass snow spheres. I to it result such of the different countries.     from Paris, for example, has brought a snow sphere with Tour d`Eiffel inside. There are spheres from New York, Amsterdam. At a daughter over a bed we have made a special shelf where all of them flaunt. In its room also always it is a lot of natural flowers. Often we collect them with Yana.   on room that the party, where the TV at us   flower photowall-paper. Something this room reminds me Barbie`s habitation or the small princess.

And my room   looks enough glamurno. It simultaneously both a bedroom and a living room. I have chosen to myself the big bed, the premise part has fenced off the big mirror case where even it is possible to enter. As a matter of fact it is separate wardrobe.     there my concert suits, and personal things are stored also.   As to colour scale that in design is a lot of silver, black colour. I always dim a bed magnificent coverlets. In tone it I change also curtains. There is it depending on mood: spring, autumn and etc.   Over a bed at me the huge panel decorated with stones Swarovski is located. The room creates the general mood of intimacy. The daughter names this place the Kingdom of the snow queen . In apartment I always support an order itself as the area not big, I consult without the servant.