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Things « American Mavrodi » have sold by auction

While the founder pyramids of a century winds in prison 150 - summer term, in New York   have organised grandiose auction where buyers dared suddenly all personal things of the legendary swindler.

Within three hours here fought for each valuable prize literally: whether it be earrings of his wife with brilliants in 14 carat or a banal dog bowl. One hours at the swindler was forty pieces, and the prices in 65 thousand dollars here stopped nobody.

Numerous handbags from eminent designers, jewelry, a collection of wooden ducks, wallets and socks with monograms of the owner - sufficed all. And if refrigerating chambers were sold by auction for 250 dollars for the same wooden duck someone did not feel sorry also 5 thousand. There was a buyer even on socks and a baseball jacket with a name of Medoffa on a back: Initially that cost 500 dollars, in and a result has managed to the new owner already in 14500.

Unknown in the history swindle has brought to the enterprising businessman with Uoll - strit in due time ten billions dollars: within twenty years Bernard Medoff deceived not only ordinary investors, but also celebrities and the largest world banks, paying to old clients percent from means of new investors. And if not crisis who knows, how long still the swindler kept afloat. In July Medoffa have sentenced to 150 - ti to years of imprisonment, and now 71 - the summer speculator masters a trade of the carpenter in the first class prison of Northern Carolina.

that it has made, awfully. But we have an excellent chance to buy good things at the normal price, and at the same time though as - that to help its victims - buyers explained. The result has surprised even organizers - 1 million dollars. Let it and a drop in the sea (the victims of Medoff has heated up On 20 billion dollars), but the help fund will be soon filled up also with another sale : on turn - the yachts which have remained from the speculator and private residences on Manhattan and in the Palm - the Scourge.