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The Kirov officials became more resourceful in reception of bribes

- this year we reveal 2800 infringements of the legislation on corruption counteraction, - the chief of department on supervision of execution of the legislation on counteraction of corruption of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Kirov region Paul Matantsev speaks. - last year for their same period was 2590. On raskryvaemosti such a crime we the first in Privolzhsky federal district.

On result of checks the sphere most subject to corruption - the state municipal service. Officials do not hesitate to use the state property, to employ acquaintances without the competition announcement, to take bribes.

- But almost there were no complaints to employees of traffic police, - Paul Matantsev speaks. - All for a year was got by 14 affairs on law enforcement officers. But we have faced that all korruptsionery became more resourceful. Take not so impudently, as still about five years ago.

it is already fast on a site of Office of Public Prosecutor there will be a column where everyone kirovchanin can leave the message on how from it, for example, demanded a bribe. Under each such message the Office of Public Prosecutor will spend checks.