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Small-scale business in Voronezh is urged to be illegal?

according to sociological researches and polls, the capital of Chernozem region is included confidently into ten cities of Russia in which to begin and develop the business most difficult.   bureaucratic obstacles, the corruption, the overestimated taxes - here three heads of a dragon to which it is necessary to battle today to small business, are convinced private traders. What in practice owners of the small enterprises, " face; the Voronezh businessman Anton Egors *, the former founder and the director of restaurant has told.

Taxes eat all

Anton with partner Oleg have opened the business in the heat of crisis. Them
the small small restaurant of Russian cuisine has started to work since January, 1st, 2009. But
hold on afloat businessmen could only till the summer. Their business,
despite all diligence, yielded only losses.

- Oleg - my good friend, already was available for it 12 - summer experience of a management by restaurant. Me he has invited in partners vtkachestve the founder and the director of a new institution. Starting conditions, in my opinion, at us were quite good, - Anton tells. - in - the first, we created restaurant not for no reason. Clients to us have been provided from Oleg`s first restaurant. In - the second, we did not build a premise, and have removed it together with
the equipment, and the payment for rent was concerning low. Though from - for
crisis the people have gone over from restaurants in cheaper networks fast - fuda,
visitors at us were. (We counted on those who loved good and
qualitative kitchen and presumed to pay to myself the average check from 500 roubles and
above.)   Simply, as we turned, everything that it was possible to us to earn,
left on payment of taxes, rent and a communal flat. We could not naskresti
money even for the modest salary, not to mention any profit.

Today Anton is assured, without 8 - 10 million roubles in a pocket it is not necessary and
to begin. But even be they at it, not the fact that the enterprise would be

- Opening business, we have already enclosed in our restaurant about 300 thousand roubles, -
he speaks. - for business which does not assume huge profits, and
investments, on idea, should be small. But, as it was found out, it was only
the beginning. Only the documentation should be spent now for one nearby
one million. Licensing,   Conclusion SES, expenses for purchase necessary
technicians, face lifting Whence to take this money if the state not
wants to wait while you will be untwisted - it wants to receive from you much and
at once! We had to give more than 100 % of the profit on taxes - on
27 - percentage under the salary,   on the made income from the trading floor area, on
which at us left more than 25 thousand a quarter... We only also had time to take
credits and to put, put - on 70 - 100 thousand roubles monthly. Before
me began to arise temptations to reduce the sizes of losses. Matter of course,
as - nibud it is illegal. For example, to reduce in documents the restaurant area,
the salary to employees - to reduce taxes. Warmed up this desire and that,
that from next year the tax to the salary should become still above

Anton and Oleg have counted up: That to their small enterprise not to leave in a minus,
in day it is necessary to earn about five thousand roubles that there was a profit - 10 -
15 thousand. Neither that, nor another it was impossible - their average day gain
made no more three thousand roubles. Gained only weddings and banquets on
days off.

Wanted on - fair - did not leave

- Opening this business, I fondly believed that I start transparent business, -
Anton sneers.

he has understood that it is almost impracticable, as he said, very quickly.
if fairly to pay all taxes and to receive all necessary permissions,
will become the bankrupt earlier, than will have time to rise on feet. It also forces down small
businessmen from a true way on roundabout

- One of the main allowing documents who should be at everyone
restaurant, cafe or a dining room, is the conclusion of health officers, -
Anton tells. - but in practice to receive it it is very difficult. I can with
tell confidence that many institutions of a public catering do not correspond
to sanitary requirements. The majority of their buildings even are constructed not on norms. To
to an example, on kitchen all should be in a certain order: the sink in one
a premise, a place for cooking - in the friend, all ware is numbered. To prepare
it is possible or on   an electricity, or on gas. But at all
to use gas bags. But almost all at whom gas is not spent,
use them.   for the electric power you will not pay off, after all cooking at restaurant
goes since morning till the night. We had to give for light on 10 - 13 thousand in
month. Restaurants are larger - on 20 - 40 thousand, and even it is more

it is possible to Pay off from everything, there would be money, Anton considers. The main thing, the businessman speaks
, to find the necessary intermediary   and   for the certain sum it is possible
to solve any question.

- Or we take fire security, - it continues. - by rules
it is forbidden to use plastic panels as furnish. But who it
carries out? Come into any snack bar or cafe to Owners small
institutions enough to give any proverjalshchiku on a paw three - five
thousand and easy to live before its following coming. As to ours
restaurant, we worked without the conclusion of health officers - were going
to issue it as soon as we will earn additionally money

Mutually advantageous friendship With the necessary people helps not only to do lime
the conclusions, but also to be engaged in illegal activity, to evade from

- Still the moment. Officially we could not sell strong alcohol. In the menu there was
only a beer, - the businessman tells. - the matter is that on sale
alcohol more strong nine degrees it is necessary to make out the licence. However
ways to bypass the law and illegally to trade likerkoj is always.

For example to agree with police officers. Usually from institutions like
ours they take about 10 thousand a month. But it is possible to bargain and to five,
all depends on a situation. In case you do not want to deal with people in
to the grey form, there is other variant, but more zatratnyj. It is possible, for example, in
the institution to issue a bar, as the separate enterprise with the licence.

However, Anton explains, every quarter it is necessary to hand over the reporting on
likerke   that is uneasy: something will not be counted or, for example, excise
the stamp from a bottle will come unstuck - the penalty from 8 to 20 thousand roubles. Expenditure, expenditure,

- My acquaintances couple of months have opened restaurant back and work bodily
illegally. Even Open Companies - shku have not issued! Certainly, in due course all of them will make.
but while on the necessary papers there is no money. Personally I am not surprised. While the law such,
as we, will put a spoke in only a wheel, small-scale business does not have future.
but, seemingly, the mighty of this world accepts a state of affairs


Only transparent business can be successful!

- Today really there is a number of the problems, disturbing to development small
businesses, - Sergey Sumenko, the head of department
business and the consumer market of area speaks . - But we search for decisions and
exits, on many questions we achieve state support. For example, beginners
businessmen have big possibilities. To begin the business with
zero, it is possible to receive the grant at a rate of 300000 roubles. The main condition -
to give convincing business - the plan with accurate representation about the
incomes and expenses, and also to enclose the 50000. If business is successful
develops, it is possible to apply subsequently and for the soft loan on 1
one million roubles about one year. On a broader scale, when people from the first steps
will organise correctly all, their business starts to develop and make faster profit. To
to such businessmen the state, banks, the various companies have more
than trust. It is assured: if all is transparent, also doubts at anybody will not be -
it will be easier to you to find partners, to involve investors, to take the credit.


From federal and local tribunes only also it is audible: you Give green light small
to business! in actual fact it appears red, and the road which should
conduct to prosperity, comes to an end for many small businessmen
with deadlock or than that is worse, a debt hole. And around bribe takers, bureaucrats That,
with whom so today the state desperately struggles, it and generates.
Tons of paper permissions and the conclusions, millions signatures and the seals, years,
that them to receive, and requisitions, requisitions Here and leaves that at us to open
a snack bar where - nibud on a line easier and to trade palenoj in vodka and shish kebabs from
cats, than to do transparent business.


One of the corruption reasons - the whole army of officials

- Voronezh - the large centre of Chernozem region. Here there are various state structures
and the organisations. It is a lot of officials. From here and bureaucracy. And it is one of
the main reasons of development of corruption and bribery in our region, -
Alexander Medvedev, a deputy head of department on investigation
crimes of an economic and corruption orientation of SOU SK considers at
to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Voronezh region
. - Other problem - mentality. In
heads of people the thought has strongly sat down: to receive any piece of paper,
it is necessary for someone to pay. The person is subconsciously ready to go on a crime.
but if the citizen pravoposlushnyj, he is obliged to inform in corresponding
bodies that from it money an illegal way demands. Only so it is possible
to struggle with corruption. Lately voronezhtsy became more active. At
us in times the quantity of such statements has increased. And it leads
to results. For example, for bribes have denounced head Rosimushchestva on
the Voronezh region, have got criminal case on the state inspector
fire security. But are responsible for the acts not only those who take,
but also those who give - for it it is possible to sit down years on ten!

* the Name and a surname are changed.