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Vaccine from a pork flu will bring to Kirov only in December

To Russia vaccination from a pork flu has begun. The turn will reach the Kirov region not earlier than December. In department of public health services of the Kirov region of ampoules have reserved from calculation - for 30 percent kirovchan.
- will impart First of all people risk groups - Lyudmila Melnikova makes comments on the deputy the chief of epidemiological department Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora across the Kirov region. Are workers of public transport, public catering points, municipal employees, students, schoolboys, pregnant women, pensioners are more senior 65 years, people with the weakened immunity. Each local doctor should know, whom to impart first of all.
will impart from a pork flu free of charge. Interested persons need to be converted to the local doctor in a residence.
for now in area quarantine is declared. It is recommended to educational institutions to prolong vacation. Additional employment, sections and mugs are cancelled. Carrying out of mass actions is limited. And here in public transport, shops, hostels it is recommended to a thicket to spend disinfection. To reduce risk to catch, it is necessary to air is more often than a premise, to do damp cleaning.
- we air classes on each change, - the principal tells 74 Ljubov Dmitrievna. - And during lessons we air corridors and we do damp cleaning.
we will remind that at this school cases of disease of pupils have been fixed by a virus of a pork flu. At school 22, for example, though cases of disease also are not present, but senior pupils go on corridors in gauze masks.
and here in safety measure public transport are a little observed. Conductors say that at final stops of time to make disinfection, does not suffice.
last weeks the pork flu has fallen outside the limits Kirov and has gone on area. In three areas it is revealed four cases of infection A/ H1N1. In total in area already more than 90 persons were ill with this infection.
how to replace expensive medicine for cold on similar, but is twice cheaper?
while kirovchane are ill, buy medicines for a flu and cold which - who very well makes profit of a panic and another`s sores. In drugstores pharmacists recommend to buyers first of all tablets more expensively. And doctors frequently write out recipes on import tablets, syrups and sprays. Though after all there are absolutely similar medicines of a domestic production. They also cost cheaper at times twice.
has told about how to replace expensive medicines for a flu and cold with cheaper the pharmacist of one of city drugstores. But a name, for the clear reasons, asked not to specify. After all it is more favourable to drugstores to sell expensive medicine. And to receive from it profit percent.
But before to run to buy any medicine, it is necessary to consult with the expert and to understand, the medicine approaches you, or not. After all   some cheap medicines have ghost effects and harmful action on an organism.

That (rbl.) offer the Price Analogue the Price (rbl.) the Note
Arbidol Children`s - 140 rub, the adult - 210 rub Renatodin 50 Renatodin it is possible to accept only from 12 years, collateral actions on kidneys and a liver
vitamins Vitrum From 200 Komplivit Oligovit 100 contain all complex of vitamins
a spray for a nose Akvamaris 170 sea salt 20 it is necessary to know, how much salts to plant with water, differently we will burn cavities
Aspirin import 70 Aspirin domestic 5 import Aspirin sparkling, therefore action comes faster, but effect identical
a syrup for cough Lazolvan 150 Ambraksol 20 in   These medicines absolutely identical dose of operating substances
heating ointment Doctor Mom 50 skipidarnaja ointment, the Asterisk 10 - 30 a difference only in a smell