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He otmolil Serbia

the Orthodox world grieves: the religious book and the shepherd, the Patriarch of the Serbian orthodox church Paul has died. He headed church in the difficult years for the Serbian people, and as consider here, throughout these 19 - ti years rescued the country the prayer.

the Serbian Patriarch   it was widely known as the theologian and the linguist, and also was famous for the exclusive modesty. Coming to it for Christmas in 2004 the Russian journalists then have been shaken by simplicity and improbable kindness of the Serbian Patriarch. It was the present aged man who as a lamb to the slaughter was taking down afflictings from a rebellious enclave. Already then in its residence the Furnace There was no light and heat, and after couple of months Kosovars have reduced it to ashes

last two years the Most holy (in the world of Gojko Stojchevich) from - for problems with lungs and heart was in military - medical academy in Belgrad, and functions of the Patriarch all this time a metropolitan executed Montenegro and Seaside Amfilohy.

From - for poor health Paul even submitted the application on renunciation of a dignity - for the first time the Patriarch himself asked to release it from pozhiznennego a rank.   but the Synod has decided to leave Paul on the fast as in Serbia him honoured as the live sacred.

the President of Serbia Boris Tadich declared three-day national mourning in the country. The Arhierejsky synod of the Serbian orthodox church should define date and a place of funeral of the Patriarch of Paul on Monday.