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The rat - the robot - the friend of the person

It is got, as soon as will smell a familiar smell. By and by throws up the yellow sharp-nosed iron muzzle, moves with moustaches - whisks and moves, speeding up, on wave of a hand of the owner. It not the heroine of the next fantastic blockbuster. It is real. She is a rat - the robot, which “ tenderly “ named ScratchBot - Spatial Cognition and Representation through Active TouCh that in transfer means “ orientation in space by means of constant touches “. “ Parents “ creations - English scientists from Bristol laboratory of robotic technology and University of Sheffield, informs Ñompulenta.

18 plastic moustaches of the robot move forward and back five times a second. If the moustache is bent, something having come across, the gauge gives a signal, and ScratchBot begins a turn towards object. The moustaches which are more close to it, move less, and distant moustaches become more active to define subject dimensions.

the New robot can appear useful underground, at analysis of blockages, in search of people in the filled with smoke room and even in the vacuum cleaner that he has not come across sofa legs.

By the way, and you know, what if in the sleep you have killed a rat, means, you are expected by victory in any business and in any situation? About other promising dreams of readers - in our blog “ Interpreters of dreams “. And that has dreamt today you? Write - we will explain!